10 Ways to Attract a Respectable Partner for Marriage or Relationship.

The truth is that everyone wants to get married or be in a relationship with someone who loves, cherishes, is loyal, and respects them but the question has been how do you see or where can you see such a partner because it's not written on the face of anyone.

In this post, I am going to analyze How to Attract a Respectable Partner for a Marriage or Relationship so you can be one and when such a person comes to you can easily identify him or her. 

1) Extend a greeting to those senior to you, as it shows respect and approachability, remember your genuine respect to elders to make you be recommended for a potential marriage partner. 

2) Avoid superiority and pride, focusing on loyalty, submission to your parents and outside your family, and humility rather than being proud because of your family's wealth or popularity. Let your presence any day any time give a good announcement about you. 

3) Maintain an approachable, sociable, and cheerful behavior with everyone around you even with people you may meet for the first time.

4) Emphasize clean reasonable and attractive dressing without being overly revealing your body. Present yourself maturely not your body. Being presentable, feeling relaxed even in public places, and having confidence in yourself, are some ways of attracting respect from other people. 

5) Dress the way you want to be addressed, your dressing could be responsible for attracting good and wrong people to you. Your appearance contributes to telling people who you are, so be mindful of it. 

6) Cultivate a good personality, kindness, and attitude toward other people. Remember in life, what you sow is what you get, sow into others the respect you want to receive from them. 

7) Avoid complaining or nagging at all times. Remember anger is not good for your appearance and can equally send a bad signal about you. Choose to always cheer up, and let your irresistible smile attract people to you. 

8) Show compassion and benevolence to all. Don't be selective, let people know that you are naturally open-minded in doing anything with anybody. One part of life many people don't know is that we attract who we are, when you are open-minded, you also attract open-minded people, although I am not 100% of the time but it happens. 

9) Strive to be virtuous, moral, honorable, and not notorious. Other people both your friends, family members, and even people you meet for the first should talk well about you. Be the best human you can be, is very much possible if you want God to help you achieve it.

10) Embrace prayerfulness, as many appreciate a spiritually-minded partner so get ready because as iron sharpens iron, you may be the only person to sharpen your partner for God. Don't wait until are married then you start praying, start today to nurture your spiritual life, the best time to start is today. 

With this analysis, I believe you now understand that respect is reaped after you have planted it like a seed in the lives of other people, in the future you reap what you have sown.

I wish you a happy married life, remain blessed.

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