In every modern battle, the carrier is the MOST PROTECTED ASSET. Protected from the sea, from the air, and even from the land. This is because of the extremely HIGH VALUE of the carrier. As well as its extreme importance in determining the outcome of any battle.

In the same way, as we TRULY follow Jesus, we are the Kingdom of God’s MOST PROTECTED ASSET on earth! We are heaven’s MOST PRIZED ASSET because we were purchased with the life and blood of God Himself in Christ Jesus.
Our lives are extremely critical in the battle between the forces of light and the forces of darkness on earth. The Kingdom of God advances powerfully when we are on the offensive in this battle – with the LOVE OF GOD in our hearts.

Thus, our lives are precious to God! Our lives are controlled, not by the kingdom of this world, but by The Kingdom that is from above. Just imagine that! Our lives are controlled by a Kingdom that is meticulous about the SMALLEST DETAILS of our lives (Matt 10:29-30).
For this reason, God will never, ever leave ANY aspect of your life unprotected! Not even for a second! He has angelic beings watching over you – day and night, left and right, up and down. This is why the Bible uses the word ‘ENCAMP’ when it tells us about our angelic guards. This is how it is stated in the Scriptures:

“The angel of the Lord ENCAMPS around those who fear him, and delivers them.” (Psa 34:7)
This is why NOTHING happens to a TRUE child of God by accident! Everything is carefully controlled from heaven to bring the will of God to come to pass in the life of a believer. The central objective of this divine will is that we become more and more conformed to the image of Christ DAILY.
NOTHING in heaven and on earth can EVER thwart this divine will, or even frustrate it – except by YOUR consent. That is if you receive the grace of God IN VAIN (2 Cor 6:1)
For ALL the blessings that God has for you are ‘IN CHRIST’!!! 

When you ABIDE IN CHRIST, as God commands through the Gospel, you become INVINCIBLE to ALL the forces on earth combined. NOTHING can happen to you outside the sovereign will of God for your life. Absolutely nothing.
You cannot be crushed. You cannot be oppressed. You cannot be depressed. You cannot be derailed. You cannot be wasted. Just because, primarily, you do NOT belong to this terrain of existence! You are from above. And, “He who comes from above IS ABOVE ALL….” (John 3:31)
This is why you are the MOST PROTECTED ASSET on earth.
However, all these are only true for those who genuinely ABIDE IN CHRIST. It is certainly NOT for everyone who calls himself a believer in Christ! Lukewarm Christianity will never, ever accomplish the divine will.

This is why Satan has today filled Christendom with the FALSE GOSPEL that teaches men that you can have Christ and have ANYTHING ELSE. In truth, it takes our FORSAKING ALL to have Christ, and to ABIDE IN HIM ((Luke 14:33, Luke 12:33, Mark 10:28, Phil 3:8, Matt 13:44,46, etc).
This is the message of THE CROSS that is no longer preached in our churches today. This is why, generally speaking, the believers of today are NOT much different from the world. Because they belong to the world!!! A sad truth that will confront many on the Day of Judgment – when it would be TOO LATE to repent.

Thankfully, GENUINE REPENTANCE is still possible now, as we run very far away from the FAKE CHRISTIANITY that abounds everywhere today. Peddled by MOST of the men we today erroneously call ‘men of God’.
Friend, this is a call for you to rise by grace into your TRUE DESTINY in Christ Jesus! It will cost you EVERYTHING you have. It will cost you EVERYTHING you are. But there’s simply no other way to ABIDE IN CHRIST, where all the treasures of God’s wisdom and knowledge are hidden (Col 2:3). In Christ.

This is not only your place of destiny, it is also your ONLY place of safety! The hallowed ground where you become the MOST PROTECTED ASSET on the face of the earth.
Are you not tired of the FAKE and SHALLOW Christianity of today?
The love of God is calling you afresh to the GENUINE Gospel of Christ. Along with all the SUFFERING it entails. Along with all the SHAME as well!
“… For his sake, I have suffered the LOSS OF ALL THINGS and count them as rubbish, so that I MAY GAIN CHRIST.” (Phil 3:8)
Loss. Suffering. Shame.

In following Christ, is this YOUR testimony? Is it…?
Thanks for reading, God bless you.

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