In response to this question, many people will be quick to think that Jesus Christ is the GREATEST GIFT that God can give a man.
But, in reality, the answer is deeper than that. Actually, much, much deeper.
A lot of believers think they have this GREATEST GIFT of Christ today. They even claim to follow Him with all their hearts. Yet, on the Last Day, Jesus will tell them that He NEVER knew them! (Matt 7:21-23)

Sadly, ‘well over 90%’ of the believers of today fall into this category. It is only on the day of judgment that they’d realize that they had a gift that they NEVER TRULY KNEW!
In this last sentence lies the answer to the question asked in the title of this article.
It is NOT enough to have Jesus as a gift from God – if we do not have A CLEAR REVELATION of who He is.

Thus, the greatest gift a man can have from God is THE REVELATION of the Person of Jesus Christ. Without this, trying to follow Jesus is an exercise in SELF-DELUSION.
Why is this gift so important?
It is ONLY when a man TRULY SEES Jesus that he can TRULY see himself. Please read this last sentence again and again until you grasp its full meaning. This is the beginning of the process that leads to a genuine transformation of the human soul. The GENUINE salvation of our souls.
Perhaps a couple of examples might help.

As we follow Jesus, it is only when we SEE a revelation of Him as ‘WORTHY’, (as described in Revelation 5:9), that we’ll see how utterly, utterly UNWORTHY we are in ourselves!
Next, we need to both ACKNOWLEDGE and EMBRACE the sad reality of our unworthiness BEFORE heaven can transfer His worth to us – by faith. So that, by His grace ALONE, we become WORTHY too.

Another example. We can NEVER truly follow Jesus – until we SEE the revelation of Jesus as ‘HOLY’ (as described in Revelation 3:7). When we SEE Him as holy, that’s when we’ll truly see how utterly unholy we are - even when we try to MIMIC holiness through our filthy self-effort.
It is only when we both ACKNOWLEDGE and EMBRACE the sad reality of the hopelessness of our ‘personal’ holiness that heaven will begin to transfer His unending holiness to us, again, by faith and by grace. We can only walk in this holiness on earth because we have been made the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus (2 Cor 5:21).

If we do not truly see His holiness FIRST, we will forever try to build and follow our brand of holiness – through our self-effort! This is where most of the establishments we erroneously call ‘holiness churches’ have MISLED their followers. In many cases, what they are building is ‘personal’ holiness – NOT Christ’s holiness. (Rom 10:3)
What makes ALL the difference in both examples given above? It is THE REVELATION OF CHRIST! Very simple. In a believer, it is the revelation of Christ that leads to GENUINE and LASTING TRANSFORMATION. A complete regeneration and renewal of the human soul.

Thus, believers must NEVER, EVER chase holiness per se. Instead, we must chase Christ alone. Because He is already our holiness (1 Cor 1:30). We must never chase worth. Instead, we must chase Christ. Because His amazing worth is already our worth. Christ! Christ!! Christ!!!
There is one more important step. When God gives us A REVELATION OF CHRIST, we must embrace that gift with all our might! We must embrace Christ! For all the treasure we seek on earth – fulfillment, peace, joy, wisdom, holiness, purpose, power, wealth – are all LOCKED UP in Him (Col 2:3). Completely sealed in Him. Such that we cannot have one without the other.

However, this is where the problem is. It is IMPOSSIBLE to accept Christ and accept our SELF too!!! One must go for the other to stay. Just like light and darkness cannot co-exist.
So, to embrace Christ, we have to, first of all, REPUDIATE OUR SELF. Reject it. Deny it. Even loathe it! (John 12:25) Just so we can receive the excellent treasure that is available in Christ Jesus. This is the lesson that Jesus taught us through the two parables in Matthew 13:44-46. The lesson? You must, first of all, sell your ALL to get His ALL.

Friends, this is where THE CROSS comes in. THE CROSS is the agency that God uses to terminate our SELF-life – so that we can embrace the life of Christ. Without THE CROSS, and our carrying it faithfully DAILY, we can never, ever TRULY possess the life of Christ, and the treasure He imparts.
Today, many want to accept Christ, but they also do not want SELF to die completely! Their worth is important to them. Their career is important to them. Their possessions are important to them. Their relationships (friends and family) are important to them. To understand how all these constitute an effective barrier to possessing the life of Christ, please study the words of Jesus in Luke 14:26,27,33.
No man understood this truth better than Paul the Apostle. He knew the importance of THE REVELATION OF CHRIST. And he built the fulcrum of his life and ministry around this desire.
No wonder he cried out in Philippians 3:10, “… THAT I MAY KNOW HIM….”.

Earlier in verse 8 of the same chapter, here is what he said, “Indeed, I count EVERYTHING AS LOSS because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord. For his sake, I have suffered the LOSS OF ALL THINGS and count them as rubbish, so that I may gain Christ.”
Do you see this? The REVELATION OF CHRIST will cost you EVERYTHING!!! Total loss. This is what Paul was saying here. Without that TOTAL LOSS, you can never, ever possess the FULNESS OF CHRIST that you desire.

This is the bitter truth that sent the rich, young ruler away from Christ. He GENUINELY ran after Jesus (Mark 10:17). But he ALSO wanted to keep his possessions.
As much as Jesus loved the young man dearly, (please see verse 21), He did NOT call him back as he went away sorrowfully! For heaven does not work in that way. The REVELATION OF CHRIST will cost a man EVERYTHING on earth. Particularly the things that we love and cherish the most!!!

Friend, do you still want that GREATEST GIFT from God? The gift of the REVELATION OF CHRIST? All you have to do is to ask Him in faith. And to keep asking – until your joy is full. For He has promised that all that TRULY ask, shall receive. (Matt 7:7)
Please, do not run away from your eternal destiny like the rich, young ruler. For NOTHING on this earth is worth comparing with the DAZZLING eternal glory of heaven that will be revealed in us at the appearing of Jesus (1 Pet 1:7).

Love NOTHING on earth, but Jesus ALONE. Want NOTHING on earth, but Jesus ALONE. Chase NOTHING on earth, but Jesus ALONE. Jesus! Jesus!! Jesus!!! This translates to an unquenchable desire for a continuous and growing revelation of Christ.
Here is the bottom line. If you truly know Jesus today (by revelation), He will also know you on the Last Day when He’s turning lukewarm believers away in judgment. (Matt 7:21-23)
“And THEIR EYES WERE OPENED, and they knew him….” (Luke 24:31).

Thanks for reading, God bless you.

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