40 characteristics of A Healthy Relationship or marriage..

When it comes to the characteristics of a healthy relationship or marriage, there are several key aspects to consider. Below are those aspects and important characteristics in order of importance. 

1) Communication skills. Open and practical communication is a key factor in a healthy relationship. This refers to the sharing of thoughts, emotions, and problems with tenderness and active listening.
2) Trusting your spouse. Trust is one of the foundations of a healthy relationship. Partners believe and have regard for each other's trustworthiness, frankness, and intent.

3) Mutual respect for your spouse. Respect towards one another's limitations, ideas, and worth, creates a foundation of equality and reciprocal appreciation.
4) Shared significance. Having shared values enables partners to align their emphases and make decisions jointly that are in line with their core beliefs.

5) Empathy. This is the identification or understanding of the thought, feeling, or emotional state of someone else, so this allows partners to understand and share each other's feelings, fostering expressive relationships and support.

6) Compromise. A healthy relationship has to do with finding a standard ground and making mutual benefits to meet each other's necessities.
7) Flexibility. Being open to change and adaptability assists in navigating life's challenges and growth together.

8) Emotional support. Providing convenience and support during problematic times strengthens the emotional bond between spouses.
9) Emotional, spiritual, and physical Independence. Motivating each other's individual growth and goals outside the relationship promotes a healthy feeling of oneself.

10) Spending Quality time together. Spending noteworthy time together strengthens the connection and creates shared experiences of love between you and your family.
11) General Intimacy. Emotional, and physical intimacy fosters a bottomless bond in a healthy relationship.

12) Friendship. A healthy relationship is built on a foundation of friendship, where the partners genuinely enjoy each other's companionship. Building a healthy relationship or marriage is more than just flirting with your partner, friendship is compulsory.

13) marriage equality. Partners in a healthy relationship treat each other as equals at all times, valuing each other's opinions and decisions always as well.
14) Laughter. Sharing laughter and funniness creates joy and lightness in the relationship, even during challenging times, Laughter also eases pressure and tension that may arise from daily activities or other life issues, so giving yourself time to have fun with your partner, is important.

15) Forgiveness. Letting go of past mistakes and offering forgiveness to your spouse allows the relationship to move forward and grow. Remember that in forgiving, you create space for harmony in your relationship or marriage. 

16) Honesty. Being open, honest, and transparent builds trust and fosters a healthy communication dynamic between couples. If there is no honesty, it will be hard for trust to exist. 
17) Be a Problem-solving person in your marriage. Being able to work through discords and problem-solve together strengthens your union. Be a solution provider, that is who the world is looking for, even in marriage. 

18) Supportive relatives and friends. Having a supportive network of relatives enriches the relationship and provides a sense of community where love, unity, and peace can reign.
19) Financial compatibility. A shared financial values and goals can contribute to a healthy financial element of the relationship. At least nobody wants to have financial challenges in their marriage so this compatibility will greatly contribute to the good of your union. 

20) Freedom. Acknowledging and helping each other's independence and individual purposes is another thing that can help to maintain a healthy balance. This simply means that every one of you should be free to communicate your thoughts, and values with the other person. 

21) Partnership or better steal call it teamwork. Working together as a team to accomplish a common goal is something that supports a healthy dynamic relationship. A successful marriage or peaceful marriage can not be built by one person, so working hand in hand with your spouse as a team can be the best option for you to achieve your goals. 

22) Be Romantic. Keeping the flame of romance alive through gestures, surprising your partner with gifts, and expressions of love either via messages or notes can keep the spark alive.
23) Reliability. Being reliable and keep on doing your responsibilities will help to build a strong foundation of trust in your marriage.

24) Shared welfare. Being in activities and hobbies jointly can strengthen the bond and create shared love memories.
25) Emotional intelligence. Understanding and managing his or her emotions will help to prepare husband and wife to navigate disagreements more effectively.

26) Endless appreciation. Expressing thankfulness and appreciation for each other's actions and contributions is something that is known to help strengthen love and affection in a relationship.

27) Boundaries. Respect your partner's feelings, emotions, and weak points. Don't take him or her for granted, know what he or she likes and dislikes, and don't cross the line that will lead to disagreement. Know when your partner wants to be alone and when the person is ready and willing for fun. Maintain the boundaries for the happiness of your marriage or relationship. 

28) Active listening to your spouse. Offering undivided concentration and truly listening to each other's ideas, thoughts, feelings, and opinions can foster a deeper understanding and when there is understanding, there will be peace and love. 

29) Patience and tolerance. Illustrating patience and understanding during hard periods in your marriage will help support the relationship's growth and harmony.
30) A feeling of humor. Finding joy and satisfaction in everyday moments cultivates a positive environment in the relationship. These things; peace, joy, happiness, and satisfaction are some of the characteristics of a healthy relationship, don't allow it to be missing out in your home. 
31) Trusting instincts. Loving and trusting each other's instincts and impulses promotes an understanding of safety and protection.

32) Shared obligations. Working together to supervise household chores and obligations creates a balanced partnership in marriage.
33) Growth perspective. Encouraging and helping personal and professional development contributes to a dynamic and maturing relationship.

34) Be flexible. Being flexible with your spouse will help your marriage to not only be peaceful but also to be successful, joyful, romantic, and full of harmony. Make it easy for your spouse to always engage with you such as in financial discussions, even his or her mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual issues, You should be bendable. 

35) Emotional defenselessness. Being able to communicate and share feelings in a secure environment is one of the things that deepens the emotional bond between a husband and wife.
36) Disagreement resolution. Settling disagreements respectfully and constructively boosts and leads relationships to happiness and success, and also promotes growth.

37) Physical touch or intimacy. A friendly hug, holding hands with your partner, and physical admiration fortify the emotional connection in a healthy relationship.
38) Gratitude of differences. Applauding and embracing each other's distinctions will encourage a norm of acceptance and understanding. Be thankful, and show appreciation no matter the little he or she may have contributed. 

39) Shared achievement. Setting and working towards communicated achievement as a couple contributes to a stronger understanding of purpose, success, peace, togetherness, and growth.

40) Authentic happiness. Being authentically happy when your partner succeeds in something he or she has been trying to achieve maybe in finances, job promotion, or educational certification is a sign of a healthy relationship. Is another sign that you are doing things together as one family. 

It's vital to note that every relationship is distinctive, and while these characteristics operate as a guide, there is no one-size-fits-all procedure for a healthy relationship or marriage. 

I hope this guides and helps you to nurture and maintain a good and healthy closeness with your partner as you thrive together in love.

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