12 Things That Will Make Your Marriage Last.

It’s everyone’s dream to not only get married but have a marriage that would stand the test of time.

Statistics seem to suggest that the divorce rate is on the increase, meaning so many people are doing so many things wrong in their marriages. Having a marriage that would last and be successful cannot be called luck; it can’t happen with a mere wave of your fist — it requires hard work, commitment, understanding, and a whole lot of other ingredients from both partners.

With these things below present in your marriage, you can be sure to have a marriage that will stand the test of time.

1) YOU TRULY CHOSE THE RELATIONSHIP. A lot of marriage failure starts from the foundation, which is in choosing the right partner and marrying for the right reasons. Marrying out of pressure and other wrong reasons sets the foundation for that marriage to be a failed one, but when you marry for the right reasons, you set your marriage on the right path.

2) COMMUNICATION. The ability to communicate properly is another thing that would strengthen your marriage. A lot of marriages fail because partners don’t communicate or they communicate the wrong way. Partners should aim to openly communicate with each other regularly — when this is present, it makes every other thing easier.
3) PLAN AND MAKE DECISIONS TOGETHER. Planning together is also another thing that would help your marriage last; couples that plan together share a kind of unity that wouldn’t exist in every other marriage. Planning together makes both partners feel like they are truly a fundamental part of the marriage and this would create value. However, when one partner makes all the decisions and disregards the other partner’s opinion, it would ruin the success of that marriage.

4) DOING ACTIVITIES TOGETHER. Doing things together with your partner would also help your marriage tremendously. It would help to bond, build understanding, and create room for togetherness. There is no better way to build togetherness in your marriage than doing things together. Whether it’s exercising, cooking together, watching a movie, going on dates, or having fun moments — as far as it’s done together then it would help strengthen your relationship.

5) YOU CONNECT WITH EACH OTHER’S FAMILY. Since marriage is between a man and his wife, it’s also a marriage between both families. When both partners connect with each other’s family coherently then it makes the marriage easier and smoother. A person’s family is still very important to them when married and having this understanding with both families would help the marriage more than you can imagine, and you would agree with me that a lot of marriages have broken up or at least been affected due to family problems and misunderstanding.
6) APOLOGIZE AND BE READY TO FORGIVE. Apologies and forgiveness go hand in hand; when both exist, the marriage will be much more peaceful. You should apologize when in the wrong and be also ready to forgive when asked for forgiveness. With this, malice and grudges would be quite distant from your marriage.

7) CREATE TIME FOR INTIMACY. Various statistics have shown that as a marriage grows older, partners care less about lovemaking and other forms of intimacy. Since marriage is much more than just having intimacy, you would admit that lovemaking and intimacy would add that spark to your marriage. Create time for intimacy with your partner and you would be fond of your partner for a very long time.

8) CREATE TIME FOR FUN. Even though marriage is a serious affair doesn’t mean fun shouldn’t be in the picture. A lot of couples have fun while dating, but live boring and serious lifestyles once they say “I do”. It shouldn’t be so; create time for fun, be happy, and create magical moments — that’s what separates happy couples from normal and unhappy ones.
9) GRATITUDE. A lack of gratitude is one reason why many marriages falter. When every little thing done is appreciated by each partner, they would do more for each other and that would make the marriage smoother. Research has even shown that couples who express gratitude are less likely to break up.

10) CONSCIOUS EFFORTS TO MAKE EACH OTHER HAPPY. This is another important tip that would strengthen your marriage. There should be conscious efforts from both partners to put a smile on each other’s face — this is a nice habit for partners to form and it would help keep the love burning at all times. This shows genuine care, value, and appreciation of your partner.

11) PHYSICAL ATTRACTION. Physical attraction makes bonding easier; it makes affection last and makes love even stronger. The fact that you are married doesn’t mean you should care less about your looks and appeal — it still matters.

12) SERVE GOD AND PRAY TOGETHER. God is the founder of marriage. If you want your marriage to be heaven on earth, invite God into your marriage. Pray together with your spouse and read the scripture together. 
It doesn’t take luck for marriage to be successful; it simply requires doing the right things, forming the right habits, and avoiding the wrong ones.

The tips mentioned would keep your marriage running for a very long time.
You will not fail in marriage in Jesus' name

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