Avoid These 10 Types of Relationships, It Will Add Little Or No Value To Your Life.

Yes is called a relationship but it's expected to add value to your life either emotionally, physically, mentally, or otherwise. This is because by mingling with the opposite gender you are expected to learn some new from the relationship, those things are the value. I did not mention money because a relationship built on money can easily collapse but the one built on love and commitment can last. 

Without much ado, below are those types of relationships you should avoid because they will add little or no value to your life: 

1) You should avoid a relationship that is established on lovemaking alone. Such a relationship has no future. If all you do is make love with each other instead of
discussing and engaging on things that will benefit your life then that relationship is a waste of time, commitment, and destiny.

2) Avoid any relationship that has no direction heading toward the purpose of your being in that relationship or the aim you want to achieve which is centered on marriage or the fact that you love him or her and would like the relationship to lead to marriage, other than this, you should ask your boyfriend where the relationship is heading to.

3) Avoid any relationship that doesn't add any favorable result to your life. Don't allow your love or your emotions to be played with, let there be a valuable thing that will make you want to marry him or her. 

4) Stay away from any relationship that brings you more sorrow than joy and happiness. You don't deserve it, every relationship is supposed to be a happy one. 

5) Do away with any relationship that causes you to cry or gives you more tears and cry than laughter. 
6) Do not stay in a dating relationship where you love someone but the person makes you unhappy many times. Love in every relationship and marriage is supposed to be reciprocal so yours should not be exceptional for happiness. 

7) When you notice signs that a relationship can't work, don't try to make it work unless your boyfriend or girlfriend is ready to make it work too. Other than this it just can't work. There is no need to remain in such a relationship, just save yourself the emotional stress. 

8) Stay away from any relationship where you find yourself struggling to love your partner or your partner is forcing you or themselves to love. The feeling was not there in the beginning so there is no need to force it. 

9) Avoid any relationship where you are caged or limited from enjoying your basic essential human freedoms. No relationship should hinder you from your freedoms, not even marriage.

10) Most significantly and above all. Dodge any relationship that will take you far away from God. God is the center of our lives, and he should be at the center of our relationship or marriage as well. 

Enjoy your life but not by struggling to love someone who does not love you.

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