Here are the 10 keys to balancing affection between your spouse and the kids.

I have this profound relationship with my second son and love to lie together with my baby all the time. He sleeps extremely near to me while I sleep next to my hubby. It wasn't amusing when my one-year-old son (at that time) unexpectedly woke up one early morning and instructed his dad (in his 1-year-old language) to remove his hand from his mummy's arm.

My husband burst into laughter at the surprising outburst and maintained his hand on my arm. Baby kept whining and complaining, angrily woke me up (he thought I was napping), and briefed his dad. 

I laughed and clarified the best way I could that mummy is daddy's belonging and first love and can show admiration to her willingly. All answers fell on deaf ears! Admitting Dad and Mum are not going to budge, he changed roles sandwiched himself between my husband and me, and held mute!
Smiles...he is more grown now, more self-reliant, and does not throw such blowups again.

Though children are adorable and so lovely, they can kill affairs and passionate lovemaking in marriage if permitted. The childbearing phase in marriage is a challenging one that needs wisdom to govern.

My first son likes to speak to his dad at the same time he is conversing with me. We have to teach him to allow grown-ups to finish speaking before talking.

When the children have not come, it is only you and your partner. You have all the time in the world to date him or her, have a loving moment together, get passionate, be romantic, and look into each other's eyeballs without a timetable for as extended as you want with zero distraction, but now that the infants have come, the attention is divided and you are so confusing about who to give most of your time. You occasionally feel regretful for giving your husband additional attention than the children and vice versa.
The key here is BALANCE. Learn to balance attention and admiration between your husband and the youngsters so that one does not unseat the other.

Here are the 10 keys to balancing affection between your spouse and the kids.

1) Whenever your spouse is not at home, spend time with your kids, and give them all the concentration, love, and admiration they need, when your husband is back home, switch to him for the affection he needs from you. You will always give them concentration but let them know your husband is the monarch of the house and must be obeyed right now.

2) Train your children not to break in when you and your spouse are chatting, it is impolite and can water down the vital discussion.
3) Teach your youngsters to sleep earlier so they can have time with their fathers before they all go to bed.

4) Don't consume all your power in the kitchen and take upkeep of your children. Reserve some for lovemaking with your husband.
5) As a regulation, do not romance or have intimate with your spouse in the sight of your children, no matter how small you think they are because they are watching.

6) Cooking, house duties, cleaning up the children, and secreting all day can create a body smell. Always bathe before proceeding to bed and invest in good fragrance as this will create a good intimate time between you and your husband.

7) Take supervision of your spiritual fitness, pray, read your Bible, and commune with the Lord daily as this contributes to the success of your marriage as well.
8) Learn to cater to yourself and take a rest when you need it so you don't break down emotionally or mentally.

9) Eat wholesome food with sufficient fruits. Avoid none nutrition and sweetened drinks.
10) Love yourself then you will have greater love to offer to the rest of the family.

May the Lord grant you the wisdom to be a wonderful wife to your husband and a great mum to your kids. I love you so much.

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