How To Find the Right Person to Marry and Avoid Marital Crisis..

One of the tremendous challenges many single adults on the point of making marital choices face in life is knowing how to locate the right spouse or to know who the right spouse is. 

It doesn't cost much to become man and wife with anyone you like but when it comes to seeing the right spouse, it's almost a serious task. Discovery of the right partner is more than marrying anyone who captures your fancy, you have to know the outcomes of getting married to the wrong individual. 

In today's world, there has been a ton of variation from Biblical doctrines as to how to find the right husband or wife. Some relationship consultants would advise you to marry your best friend, catch them youthful, go out on a date to find the right individual, marry who you love dearly, and so on. 
If all these things were to be authentic, why are so many marriages breaking off in divorce, falsehood, and detachment? 

Listen, there are two ways of discovering anything: it's either you use the easy way or endure the technique of using the usual route. 
I do not care about the favor of a doctrine, what counts most is that: is it according to God's blueprint.
If you desire to get it right, you must go after the procedures that God gave. 
Adam was in a state of "serious sleep" when He was creating the right spouse for him and it connotes "REST". 

If you like to find the right partner, "rest". Rest means a state of dormancy, being motionless or doing nothing. Adam was not trying out the animals in the Garden of Eden to know the right spouse but he did something caught in the book of Proverbs 3:5, "Trust in the Lord with all your soul and don't count onto your knowledge".
Does it imply I'd be doing nothing? Does it suggest God will send an Angel to me and show me the right partner? 

Here are the things you must do while relaxing. While resting, don't bother or be impatient but do the following. 
1) Pray. Pray about who to get married with, when you discover that God's impressing the subject of marriage in your spirit. Pray to figure out the person. Jeremiah 33:3 and Daniel 2:22 are good scriptures to use for this purpose. 
When you prayerfully search for His face for direction, he will talk to you. Don't lean only on prayer contractors, seers, or MOGs; they are reasonable for verification but if you exclusively depend on them, disarray would set in. 

Seek the presence of God, He will talk to you. Don't delay till you are striking the point of getting married before you expand your spiritual life. The soundness of your spiritual life is an enabling factor that causes you to know the right partner. 

Let God speak privately to you on this issue. There's NOBODY that God cannot reveal things to, take away iniquity from your life, and be rightly placed. It's only unfamiliarity and laziness that prevents many from instilling in their spiritual life but when it's fleshly, things, they have the strength for it. 

2) Be Patient. It's not instantly that you pray that God will get the right partner for you, in some circumstances, although it takes time. When you pray something like this, He will show you some facts about the person as a guide for you to follow. 
Be patient because someone else with identical qualities will come your way. The devil can exploit the manifestation before God's own assigned time. 

Don't hurry. Don't be in a haste to get married. It takes tolerance to marry the right partner and to have a successful marriage but impatience can push you into the wrong relationship that may lead to marriage. 
Don't let inner and outer tension impact your decision. Hold on! Even if God has disclosed and ascertained it, still be patient so God can lead you.

Abram's impatience contributed to the birth of Ishmael who became a thorn in the flesh of his offspring. There's constantly a time for God to accomplish His word over your marital status. Don't compare yourself with others and don't run forward of His timing so you will not have problems. According to my friend, Emmanuel Felix, "God's intention for your life is additionally significant than your timing".

3) Be Careful. Following being patient is to be mindful. Be cautious of being deceived. Be alert of being matchmaking when God hasn't communicated with you. Be cautious of who you inform to help you decrypt what God revealed to you, it's not everyone that has the spiritual capability to analyze revelations accurately. Some may not be in the right spiritual mind to do so or examine God. Satan understands the will of God for your life, and when God speaks, he hears through your behavior. Be cautious. 

God communicates. The flesh speaks as well. The condition speaks, and so also the idea of men. Having prayed to God, exercising patience, and being mindful; you require these to confirm who the right partner is. 

1) Divine disclosure. God communicates through dreams, vision, reverie, and His word (The Bible). Visions come from God, the devil, and through the multitude of your enterprise in the day. The only method to ascertain divine revelation is through the remark of God. And the verification obtained from those who are spiritually grown than you or your spirit-filled brethren is of incredible help. However, the level of your faith life and your closeness to God determines the accurateness of your revelation and your spiritual all your accumulating, get understanding. 

2) Spiritual discernment. Do you understand that Samuel almost made the blunder of anointing the wrong person as a king? Thank God for His capacity to hear the voice of God. 
There's a knowing that resolves all doubt and puzzlement. There's a knowing that provides you peace that outshines all human understanding which doesn't come from vigorous bliss or enthusiasm. 
If you don't notice an idea or dream, that is unthinkable, then you must be discerning. 

Earthly principles can't bring you the right partner. For example your educational qualifications, business or work experience, and exposure to society would equally fail you still I can't beat my chest in the confidence that adopting these Biblical principles would assure you success in discovering the right partner but it should if you walk with God. 

Whether you use the right doctrine or worldly ideology; the storm will come to your marriage, the rain will punch upon your marriage and the flood will come down upon it. Whether your marriage will fall flat or be successful, all depends on your foundation: which is who you marry, the principles you take on, and if you are the right person. 

There is nothing like you have over-prayed for marrying the right partner, pray for God to reveal to you who He's got ready for you; but you have to be patient, nothing done in a rush ends well and be painstaking so that you won't miss it maritally.

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