1. Lord, You are not a visitor in this house; You are the center of it

2. Lord, we invite You to move into this home. Have Your Way. We make this home Your altar

3. Lord, keep me from making my spouse feel unwanted in this house. May my spouse and I find it easy to come and stay at home

4. Lord, we pray for the land on which this house is built and the location of this home. We pray against any evil spirit that has been operating in this location or scheming to cause havoc in this location. We break any ungodly connection attached to this area.

5. Lord, we pray for our children. This house will not be a place of trauma for them; but an incubation center where they will find joy, mentorship, assurance, fun, and pleasant memories

6. Lord, we ask You to steer the conversations that will be held in this home. Our speech will be well-seasoned. Hold our tongue when we are about to speak something harmful

7. Lord, we pray for every room and corner of this home. Let it be a Godly place that ministers to us. Ministry begins at home

8. Lord, we dedicate this home to be a place of healing. When my spouse and I plus our children have a bad day; may we come home to a place where we will find emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual healing... strength to face another day

9. Lord, make our home a garden in which You prune us and work on my spouse and children so that we may bear fruit 

10. Lord, may this house be the epicenter where my spouse and I strategize how we will win more for You and how together we will touch lives outside

11. Lord, we pray against any accidents or incidents. Help us and our children not to be reckless. No gas or electric accidents, no falling, no sliding in the bathroom, no hitting ourselves. No harm shall befall us

12. Lord, we pray against robbery and attacks. Secure our home. We pray against any scheme to steal, kill, or destroy what is ours

13. Lord, we pray for the visitors who will enter this house; our friends, relatives, and in-laws... They will experience us and declare we are blessed; they will be blessed here and leave a blessing. We pray against visitors coming and shaking our marriage; our relatives will not cause friction between us when they visit

14. Lord, we pray for our intimacy in this house. As a couple, we will enjoy emotional, physical, and emotional intimacy in our home. Our marriage bed will remain honored

15. Lord, we pray for the means to stay in and maintain this house. Provide the resources needed to keep this home running. 

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