I intended to respond to as many possible salient queries about relationships, marriage, and family matters.

1) Is marriage compulsory for everyone to marry?
The answer is No. Although God wants everyone to walk down the aisle, matrimony is by choice, it's optional to mankind.

2) Does God's will assure success in marriage?
The answer is No. Marriage is like a bungalow and God's will is like a foundation for the house called marriage. A solid foundation independently doesn't make a solid house. The other edifice fabrics should be of quality too.

3) Should I marry someone I don't love or admire?
Here is the answer. Love must start a relationship or marriage as its foundation otherwise such marriage or relationship will not last.

4) In a relationship, can the two lovers make love to each other outside of marriage?
Lovemaking isn't for boyfriends or girlfriends or fiance and fiancée kind of relationship but the exclusive reserve of the married ones only. Lovemaking outside wedlock is a sin to God in heaven the creator of all things visible and invisible.

5) Does lovemaking strengthen a love relationship?
Commitment and sincere efforts do, not lovemaking. An uncommitted lover will still leave despite making love to you for years or days.

6) In a married man's life, who is extensively significant, his wife or his mother?
The wife is the most crucial in the married man's life simply because in marriage they have now become one body, one soul.

7) Between the wife and the mother-in-law, who should sit in the man's car next to him or beside him while he is driving?
The wife just because at marriage both are now one body. Mothers-in-law who always tussle with their daughters-in-law on everything are not doing the right thing. You are to be a good example of how to enjoy marriage and not put it asunder. She is the Queen in her husband's house so give her that chance.

8) What should I do when my boyfriend or fiance wants to quit the relationship if I don't give him attention in the bedroom? 
Don't give in to his request. Chastity, abstinence, or marital bed undefiled is a rule of the relationship by God. Should he continue saying that he will break up, you might as politely end the relationship because is better to please God than men.

9) Can a man marry a woman older than he is with 5 years to 10 years?
Yes, provided there is love and God is overseeing him in that relationship. Again, she must be respectful, loyal, and submissive at all times to her husband if she wants the marriage to be enjoyed.

10) In marriage, should a third party be involved in settling disagreements?
Not in all possibilities except in very tough marital disputes that a couple can't address by themselves.

11) How often should husband and wife make love?
There are no restrictions on this. It's as many times as they enjoy it, and as extensively as their strength can carry them.

12) Is divorce permitted in marriage?
Anyways, unless in issues of an extramarital affair, domestic roughness, battering, or dangers to life.

13) Should every unmarried person start off their marital journey elaborately? We do not all have the same monetary potency. However, that shouldn't push you to feel bad at all or deter you from becoming a husband and wife because there are better days ahead. A wedding is just a one-day celebration and there are many other merrymaking days to come in your life and even in your marriage.

Thanks for your time reading, commenting, liking, and sharing.

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