Tuesday, March 7, 2023

17 Ways You Can Enjoy Your Sexual Life With Your Love

1) Make sure your spouse never doubts your faithfulness. The number one impediment to a healthy sex life is the thought of infidelity. 
2) Treat each other well when sex is not on the agenda. A healthy sex life starts when you two are fully dressed, away from the bedroom.
3) Do cheeky and naughty stuff together. Grab her butt when she least expects it, pass your hand on his penis, and rub each other on the nipples without warning.
4) Call it lovemaking, don't call it having sex. That gives it a heart.

5) Avoid pornography. That makes you focus on each other and not depend on sounds and images from strangers to arouse you. It also makes you both feel special and heightens pure pleasure
6) Flirt together throughout the day. Send each other naughty messages. Turn each other on
7) Work on your look. Invest in lingerie, change your dressing to avoid monotony, stimulate visually
8) Use suggestive postures. Dance for and on your spouse. Lap dance, twerk. Give each other an exclusive show.

9) Maintain hygiene. Cleanliness will make you both look forward to licking, touching, and lovemaking, and put on attractive scents
10) Have bedroom makeovers. Switch up the look of your bedroom from time to time. Change your environment. Avoid monotony
11) Focus on romance and sensuality. Talk heart to heart, cuddle, please each other, listen, and do sweet things. Don't make the goal be an orgasm, make the goal be to make each other feel loved
12) Take it outside the bedroom. Don't make love only in the bedroom, do it in other rooms, book a hotel room, take a vacation, and create new experiences.

13) Take your time. Don't rush through lovemaking unless it's a quickie. Make it special
14) Know that tomorrow is another day. Don't put pressure on yourselves in case the orgasm today comes too quickly or doesn't come at all. Sex is not a goal to score, lovemaking is about intimacy
15) Make out more. Kiss, touch, stroke, nibble on the ear lobe and neck, and gently blow on each other if that brings pleasure. Focus not just on what is between the legs.

16) Don't talk about your sexual struggles and get stuck there. Act, no lamenting. Going on and on about how boring or little sex you are having discourages the mind and sex starts in the mind
17) Recap on how great the lovemaking was. Talk about the sensations you made each other feel. This will boost your confidence and help you both know what things to keep on doing to give each other pleasure.

Written by Akello Oliech and Dayan Masinde, Marriage, and Relationship Therapist

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