Monday, February 27, 2023


Men and women approach sex differently so it’s important for a man to have an idea of what she wants when having sex with her.
Here are 17 things every woman wants her man to know about sex 

1. She wants you to pay attention to her erogenous zones.
2. Before you complain about her not going down on you, how clean is your junk? Don’t leave your junk bushy.

3. Her clitoris is a very sensitive area. Avoid being hard on her clitoris because it hurts when you use so much force on her clitoris, Be gentle.

4. The size of your junk doesn’t matter to her except you got something too tiny or too huge.
5. Having a quickie is fun sometimes. She would love it if you take her by surprise sometimes.

6. Foreplay is important to women. Women need more time to get aroused.
7. What worked with your last partner in bed might not work for her. Pay attention to her body and you would know what she wants.

8. A dirty bed ruins sex. Use neat sheets.
9. There is more to her breast than her nipple. Don’t focus so much on the nipple and forget the other part of her boobs.

10. During the main event, don’t neglect her boobs. Stimulating her boobs during the main event takes her to even greater heights.
11. She wants to be kissed real good. Don’t also forget to kiss her during the main event.

12. Take it easy with her nipples when touching her boobs. It’s not fun when you squeeze them so hard.
13. Ask her before you do anything crazy in bed.

14. Sometimes she wants it rough… Not always but sometimes.
15. Touch her clitoris during sex. Most women won’t reach orgasm through penetration alone.

16. Avoid monotony in bed. Vary your moves.
17. Don’t forget to cuddle her and tell her how much you love her after sex

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