Friday, January 13, 2023

List Of 7 Lucrative Businesses You Can Do Online In Nigeria..

As a Graduate resident in Nigeria, one of the mistakes you shouldn't be caught making is believing you can make millions from your monthly salary received from the government or private companies.

It's important to know that there are Skills that will give you unimaginable profits rather than being just a salary earner. Many of these jobs are done online right from the comfort of your home, and the great news is that they are done as part-time jobs or full-time jobs.

Below are the lists Of 7 Lucrative Businesses You Can Do online in Nigeria to earn big:

1) Become A Fashion Designer. This is one of the most popular lucrative skills in Nigeria now, maybe you are not aware. The fashion industry works every day, and your Profits are determined by you, and your working hours are determined by you as well, It doesn't have seasons or time because that's one of our human needs every day. As a fashion designer, you can make dresses for brides or grooms, you can also make dresses for Christmas, etc. It's all about your interest and passion. If you are determined, after one year of being a professional, you will start enjoying your effort as a big boy or a big girl

2) Catering and Culinary Services. This is one of the skills many are using to make big money in Nigeria. This skill presents you with an opportunity to widen or sharpen your culinary skills for those that are doing weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, welcome parties, political parties, etc. This includes baking cakes, chin-chin, meat pies, fish-roll, egg rolls, doughnuts, sausage rolls, etc. So if you are determined, you can be taking care of your family's needs through this business.

3) Content Writing Skills. This is one of the profound skills that has earned me thousands of Dollars from Google AdSense, and other platforms as well. Writing has been a huge talent and passion for me for not less than 15 years and I make money from it for a living. This is simply because I write articles for different people, and also for my blog, in the years 2020 and 2021 I won 2 awards from opera news Nigeria as a content creator. You as a writer can maximize your opportunity by writing for different blogs depending on your area of specialization and will be earning big with your laptop smartphone.

4) Make Money As A Hairdresser Or A Barber. It does not matter if you are a man or a woman in this particular field of profession, you can be a hairdresser with excellent skills that will bring more customers to your shop, what is important is your skill, the ability to satisfy the needs of your customers, and you will be smiling to the bank. As a man who's a professional hairdresser, you can do women's hair, and as a woman that's a professional barber, you can do men's haircuts, especially on the styles you can do very well but you earn more money if you can barb more than 1 hairstyle. Both old and young people will always have a haircut, and women will always plait their hair so as to look good. You see that having one of these skills will always make you a good amount of money.

5) Make Money As A Photographer, Film Maker, Or Editor.
I have a friend who has these particular skills and earns up to a million every month because he can do it well for his customers. He doesn't have to do 8 to 5 jobs at all times. People will have an interest in taking pictures or videos to keep the memories of events such as birthday parties, anniversaries, house opening ceremonies, matriculation in school, wedding ceremonies, political parties, etc.
Photographers and filmmakers attend events and all of these events are either invited or not but the good news is that they are always needed in events, and they always make great cash at all times.

6) Make Money As A Web And Graphic Designer. Because the world is going digital every day by day, we are having an influx of websites or blogs coming to the limelight every day, some are for companies, while some are for personal use, and commercial use and they all need a good web or graphic designer. With these blogs and sites flooding the internet, people gain access to various things they need to get themselves updated on pieces of information. Therefore, becoming a web or graphic designer gives you the opportunity to work and earn big even from the comfort of your home. These are lucrative businesses you can do either as a university graduate or as a skillful individual. Do you know that 90 percent of businesses today including companies need a website to showcase their services and products online? It will also interest you to know that the services of graphic designers are needed on a daily basis by novelists, web publishers, bloggers, companies, the printing press, etc. So make efforts now and grab these opportunities.

7) Making money as a FOREX trader. For you to be a good FOREX trader or bureau De Change, you must learn and invest in the knowledge or its education at least 90 percent and trade with the acquired skills for a month depending on how fast you can learn before you start enjoying your money. People make thousands of naira every day in forex trading.

Kindly drop your advice or contribution for job seekers. It will help someone somewhere.

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