Tuesday, January 17, 2023

List Of 10 Jobs You Can Do Without A University Certificate..

In a country such as Nigeria, different kinds of jobs do not require a university degree before you start doing them. These jobs range from entry-level positions to skilled trades and can be found in different industries existing in the country. 

Here is the list of those jobs you can have access to without a university certificate.

1) Retail Sales Representative. Retail sales representatives work in places like stores, warehouses, and shops, as well as helping customers find products and providing information about the products and their prices. They go through training after being employed, and anyone can comfortably do the job.

2) Customer Service Representative. Customer service representatives are the personnel who interact with customers to provide information, resolve issues, and process orders on behalf of the organization they are working with. You are given the training after being employed by your employer.

3) Office Data Entry Clerk. Data entry clerks are responsible for entering and updating companies' and/or customers' information into computer systems for the company. Upon being employed you will be given training for better performance.

4) Office Administrative Assistant. An administrative assistant is someone who provides support to her employer by performing tasks such as scheduling meeting appointments, maintaining records or office files, and handling mail that is not strictly directed to his or her employer. The instructions on how to carry out these are given to you after you are employed.

5) Delivery Man. Delivery personnel or riders as always called are those that transport goods to customers and businesses from one location to another, especially from an employer to a buyer or consumer. But before you get employed, you must have a valid driver's license and a good driving record and also have experience on the city roads, these are strictly required.

6) Company Security Guard Or. A Gatekeeper. Security guards are responsible for protecting properties and lives in their vicinity by monitoring their surroundings and responding to incidents immediately after they take place. Before starting this job you will be trained by your employer and as well receive instructions on the environment you are employed to protect.

7) Building Construction Worker. Construction workers are involved in the building of houses, repairing dilapidated roads and buildings, and constructing gutters, and bridges.

8) Handyman. These are those that generally maintain most of our domestic properties such as the painting of houses, carpentry, plumbing, and electrical work at home. For you to be employed you must be an expert or at least be 80 percent good in your job in this profession.

9) Kitchen Staff. These are Cooks, cleaners, waiters and waitresses, etc. These roles don’t require any university degree before you are employed, although experience is very much important here, however, you will be trained after being employed.

10) Agricultural worker. Agricultural workers are involved in the cultivation and harvesting of farm products, as well as the care and maintenance of livestock such as cows, sheep, etc. People in this category can also work on a poultry farm and be paid handsomely.

It's important to note that while a university degree is not required for these jobs listed above, education, skills, and experience will be valued differently by different employers whose company has vacancies for these job opportunities. 

However, these jobs are great opportunities for those who may not have had the chance to attend university either because of financial challenges or whatsoever. These jobs are very good for those who are looking for a change in their career.

So you see that as an uneducated, you can still get employed as well.

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  1. Find me a remote job i.edata entry office clerk.I am in Kenya.