Monday, November 21, 2022

SWEETEST SEX IN MARRIAGE. Strictly For The Married Couples

I've always said it and I'll keep saying it, 80% of sex is about communication. Don't just pounce on your wife and hammer away, communicate. I'm sure you must have heard about "Love Language", develop your own sex language. A code that is only understood by you and your wife. 

1) Have a way of hinting to Her about sex. Those days when we just got married Mrs. O and I use to have a sex language. 
The moment I tell her, "there's going to be a crusade tonight oh". She understands. Then she will sometimes say,  "You and crusade are you not tired?" 
I'll respond like, "Souls must be won into the kingdom, and the kingdom of God must be populated oh"
She'll say, "I hope you have prepared your message"
I'll say, "I'm working on it, I'm not satisfied with the number of souls won the last time, we must win more souls"

........... on and on........ We were talking about sex and also having fun doing it. 
It's a coded language only we can understand and it's also hilarious. There was a day we were communicating like this and a couple around us were asking us, where the crusade will take place. 
There was a day she sent our first child to tell me. She came and said, "Daddy, mummy said there's going to be a crusade tonight," I said "Yes". She said, "Daddy, every time crusade, when are you going to take me for this crusade". 
We had to develop another one since the questions and suspicions were getting too much. Develop your own. 

2) Use technology to communicate. The first time I heard about "SexTexting". My religious mind couldn't handle it. I told myself this was a sin. 
However, I started noticing that one of the things that made blackberry very popular was the free texting feature. Who were the people using this feature the most? Ladies! Most of those ladies are now married with kids. The twist of the story is that they stopped texting. 
Most guys who sex chat on social media, do it with their girlfriends. Why not do it with your wife? You'll be shocked that a broke guy in the middle of nowhere will be chatting with a female bank executive and she'll be melting. She'll be feeling horny with her pant wet. While the responsible dude that is forming macho in front of her is not being looked at. 

Oga, grab your phone, get on WhatsApp and start texting. 
"Hey babe, I just remembered your boobs and I developed an erection, Chai!"
"Babe, that last night sex was the bomb, I'm finding it hard to concentrate, you really finished me Ohh. Next time I'll allow you to climb on top. Etc...... 
You'll be shocked what people chat or text with their WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, BBM, Telegram, IMO, etc.
Women are mostly moved by what they hear and by extension what they text. Bros grab your keypad and start chatting. 

3) Your Communication during sex is also important. When making love to your spouse, communicate. Don't just climb on top and climb down. 
Some ladies are scared of communicating during sex because they feel their spouse will feel they are spoilt, don't worry you can start gradually. Start with nonverbal communication then gradually grow into being verbal. 
If you're enjoying a particular move respond to it, don't pretend, make your spouse know when you're feeling the intercourse. Your spouse is not a mind reader. It will be a pure waste of time for a man to touch you in the most important parts and you lie down there like an Egyptian mummy. 
I've heard tales of some women that will be reading a novel while their husband is pounding away. That alone can deflate a man's ego. Tell him what you want. Make him understand your sexual needs and communicate it when he touches you in those great places. 

If you are loud raise the volume of your radio. In my opinion, It's better for your kids to hear your voice moaning to good sex than for them to hear you guys quarreling. 
For women when you're cumming, communicate it,  "Babe I'm cumming pump him harder". Don't leave him guessing. For men, asking your spouse if she has cum is not cool because it sometimes passes the wrong message that you're tired. Rather let her enjoy it until she tells you she's coming.

4) Avoid interruptions. I don't pick up calls when making love. Why should I? You just got to be present. She may be on the verge of an orgasm and your phone rings, you pick up the call to find out it's your mobile company advertising One lousy tariff. Can you imagine?  Sacrificing a precious orgasm because of MTN?
Try as much as possible to limit distractions. Men most times don't care, but ladies are very careful about this. That's why it's the ladies that pull the curtains and make sure the door is locked. 
Bros avoid distractions. 

Next time when you hear madam saying 
"Yesss Yess. I like it right there...... Pump me harder baby. Please don't stop.... " 
Don't switch off thinking she's spoilt. Follow her cue and give her good sex. 
Couples who communicate during sex are usually more satisfied. 

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