Friday, November 11, 2022

5 Ways To Emotional, Mentally, Spiritual, And Physically Nourish Your Spouse For The Success Of Your Marriage..

It takes a loving husband to specially care for his wife irrespective of his busy schedule. This is so because you can't see the one you love suffer; whatever happens to them also affects you. 
How then can you nourish and cherish her? 

1) BE HER PRIEST: Nourishing and caring for your wife starts from caring for her spirit man. Be the role model that will make her heart pant after the Lord. Help her to grow in faith. Let her follow you as you follow Christ this will help her to submit the Bible way. 

2) LOVE HER: God knows the importance of Love to women hence he placed it in the hands of men to do so. Love your wife more than your job. Speak her love language every now and then. Loving her means cherishing her and making it known to her that she is truly the bone of your bone indeed. Sing her praises when she does good and correct her in love when she makes mistakes. If you can love her deeply and show it the way she wants, you will see the glow in her that money cannot buy. 

3) HOUSE CHORES: There is a common notion that the woman is the one who is supposed to do all the chores. This is not so true in a home where Christ is truly the head. If both have become one, then all hands must be on deck to see to the good of the family. Let your hands do whatever they find to do in your house. You both own the house and kids, taking care of them should also be done by both. Help around the way you can so as to reduce the stress that will make her grow old easily. 

4) MEET HER NEEDS: You may not be able to meet all your needs but meet the ones you can afford. Surprise her with clothes and other female accessories if you are good at buying a lady's wear. If you can't, then take her along shopping and let her choose for herself. 
Additionally, never take care of your kids more than your wife. Pay detailed attention to your wife.  If you like anything another lady is putting on, buy it for your wife and admire it on her body. 

5) REMEMBER IMPORTANT DATES: Most times, Women will always remember their husband's birthday, anniversary, etc., and celebrate them. But the reverse is the case, men tend to forget. Try as much as possible to write all the important data of her life down and celebrate her when it's time it's another way to cherish her. 
There are tons of ways to nourish and cherish your wife. Just look for the ones that work for your wife and apply them. 

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