Wednesday, October 12, 2022

How To Understand The Type Of Husband You Are Married To..

So ladies, let me introduce you to the world of men.

1) The overly traditional husband: This type of husband has total allegiance to the traditions of his tribe (most especially the barbaric ones, those that debase, dehumanize, and trample on the rights of women). He doesn't believe a husband should or can help a wife with some things at home. His wife can work herself to death while he sits and watches the TV, reads the newspapers, etc. Should there be any delay with childbirth or if his wife has given him just female children, all hell will let loose against her of his restlessness and change of attitude toward her? He mistreats his wife by himself or lets his family relatives maltreat her without him defending or protecting her.

2) The overly jealous and insecure husband: This type of husband is always threatened by the presence of another man around his wife. His blood rises and his heart beats faster when another man talks to his wife. He's always keen to know what they are discussing and her whereabouts, not because he cares so much about her, but because he is afraid of losing her.

3) The stooge husband: This type of husband still has 100% allegiance to his family. He discusses his wife with them with the intention of them telling him how he should handle her at home.
4) The immature husband: This type of husband despite being a full-grown man, runs his marriage like a child. He is never a man enough mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. When issues happen between him and his wife, he escalates them instead of resolving them.

5) The irresponsible husband: This type of husband believes the wife is the only one to cater to the family. He doesn't want to do anything for his family. If he was working before but has now lost his job, he will completely relinquish his husband and father's duties to his wife.
6) The gentleman husband: This is the type of husband that can assist a wife at home with the changing of the baby's diapers, and the cooking of meals, in fact, with every other house chore without minding at all.

7) The military husband: This type of husband places too many rules on his wife. E.g.: "I don't ever want to see your friends in my house again"; "I don't want you to go out without my permission", etc.
8) The visionless and lazy husband: This type of husband doesn't have dreams for the future. He only lives for today. He is lazy and lacks ambition for a better life for himself and his family.
9) The ungodly and lustful husband: This type of husband has no fear of God in him. He cheats on his wife and sees nothing wrong about it. 

10) The stingy husband: This type of husband isn't generous to anybody, not even to his wife. With this kind of husband, a wife may have to talk so much before he will meet her financial needs.
11) The over-mingling husband: This type of husband is the type that likes hanging out with friends even at odd hours of the night. He closes from work by 6. p.m. but gets home around 10 or, most times meeting his family asleep already.
12) The bad-tempered and bad-mouthed husband: This type of husband is highly choleric. When angry, he will insult and rubbish his wife with his mouth.

13) The wife-beater husband: This is the type of husband whose only way of correcting his wife is by battering her.
14) The no-nonsense husband: This type of husband is highly touchy. He reacts negatively to issues that don't appeal to him.
15) The very neat and highly organized husband: This type of husband likes the house to be very clean 24/7 and highly organized. He frowns so much at things not arranged or kept in their proper places. E.g.: "Don't press the toothpaste from the middle but from the bottom"; "Return the remote control where you picked it".

16) The nymphomaniac husband: This type of husband could have sex as many times at night or during the day with his wife whether she likes it or not.
17) The career freak husband: This type of husband places more value on his career than his family. He is always never there for his family. Most times he misses very important and memorable events in his family because of his job.

18) The romantic husband: This type of husband always prepares and gives his wife an unforgettable sexual experience during lovemaking. He doesn't just jump between her thighs. He begins with sweet words all through the day, then moves on to foreplay, then boom, the main action. Ahahahah. Lol.
19) The family freak husband: This type of husband places great value on the family. He holds his wife and children in high esteem. He provides for and cares so much about his family.

20) The friendly husband: This type of husband believes that marriage is about friendship and that his wife is his bestie. He treats his wife like himself. He pampers and respects her. His wife is like a queen, the envy of other women and the "toast" of other men.
21) The pompous husband: This type of husband disrespects his wife because he comes from a wealthy home while she doesn't. This type of husband boasts a lot of his achievements to his wife. He is not humble. Everything about him is class, status, or achievements.
22) The desperate husband: This type of husband generally doesn't have much patience about challenges or life. Type of husband could steal in his company or do money rituals to make it in life quickly even if might take the life of his darling wife or children.

23)The virtuous husband: Is anything like a virtuous husband?  Yes! Marriage is never about the wife being virtuous alone but about both spouses being virtuous. A virtuous husband is first and foremost a godly and God-fearing man. He is not perfect, but as the virtuous wife talked about in Proverbs 31, he exemplifies the godly marital virtues with an undying and untiring commitment to upholding his marital vows till death do them part. A virtuous husband's marriage glorifies God and inspires others.
Remember: marriage doesn't work because one spouse is good, godly, and committed. No. But because both spouses are. Marriage works out when both spouses are working things out as a formidable force. 

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