1) Avoid Over/Self Confidence.
Never forget that it is the blood that flows through you.  Not olive oil.
Know your limit and stay within it.
You know that an ordinary hug can make you forget your salvation experience, please Sir, just avoid hugging her at any slight opportunity, don't say that nothing will happen. It may surprise you. 

2) Know that your partner has a limit beyond which they Will fall.
Especially for ladies
Stop dressing seductively to visit your fiancรฉ.
He's a human being too, even if he is the fellowship president or youth pastor.
Because he is spiritual when he comes to visit you you will wear a bum shot and singlet without Bra, you forget he has eyes before Spiritual Man gives you pregnant. 
Brothers you too, stop playing rough play, Don't be touching sister anyhow,
Don't start a fire and complain later that the fire service came late.

3) Limit Physical contact 
I know your love language is a physical touch, but wait till you get married.
UNNECESSARY Hugs that are just an excuse to cuddle her and "tap current" should be avoided. 
You won't die if you don't kiss during courtship, exercise self-discipline and restraint.
After marriage, if you want to swallow his/her lips that time, fire down. For now, cool your temper. 

4) Avoid Circumstances that can lead to unnecessary stories.
๐Ÿ‘‰ Late-night visits
๐Ÿ‘‰ Staying in one corner hugging each other
๐Ÿ‘‰ Flirtatious Chats filled with romantic words

5) Keep Minded Friends
Keep friends who believe in abstinence before Marriage, not friends who are chronic Fornicators.
Keep friends who will encourage you to keep up the fight, not those who will call you an 'idiot' for practicing abstinence.

6) Incorporate Spiritual exercises into your Relationship Routine.
Fast and Pray together as a couple.
Study the Bible Together.

7) Have a Mentor for your Relationship. Someone who will be educating you or guiding you on how to be successful in your relationship and possibly get married to your significant other.
Thanks for reading, please comment and share for others to learn.

1) DECIDE WHO YOU DATE. After the Marriage, all your friends will leave you.
They can suggest, they can give you their opinion, but don't allow your friends to choose for you.
"I like John, oh, but James is more romantic and hot, forget that broke ass guy Emeka, forget him, go for James" 
Some friends can collect bribes from a suitor to help persuade you on their behalf. 
Some friends will end up advising you out of God's Will. 
Ultimately, it's up to You to Prayerfully and Wisely choose who you'll marry, others can only suggest. 

2) DECIDE HOW YOU TREAT YOUR PARTNER. Some people who are nice to their partners suddenly change on the advice of a friend.
"This one you're being so nice to him, I pity you, he'll leave you for another girl, play hard to get sometimes, and give him a tough time, if not, he won't see your value"
"You should stop giving her all this freedom, You're the Man, show her, that if she talks, you slap her"
That's how many Relationships/Marriages are scattered oh.
Be Loving, Nice, and Kind to Your Partner. If any other advice is other than this, discard it. 

3) DECIDE HOW YOUR PARTNER TREATS YOU. "She should kneel and greet you, that's how a lady should respect her Man, She was even talking when you were talking, and you just allowed her". "He Should give you 150k monthly, that's how my Man does oh if he refuses, threaten to dump him'
Be wise.

Your Relationship is between You, your Partner, and God. A 3-fold cord, not a 7-fold cord. 
"Walk in the spirit and ye shall not fulfill the lusts of the flesh"

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