Sunday, September 17, 2023

5 Ways To Make Her Fall In Love With You. Is better for her to love you than being afraid of you..

Many Men think their wives should fear them rather than love them, oh, how wrong they are.
It is a Woman who Loves you who'll pray for you to succeed, support you, go to the moon and back for you, ride or die with you.

A Woman who fears you won't even want to follow you anywhere. 
There are sweet/romantic/intimate/powerful/productive aspects of your Wife you will NEVER experience or enjoy if you make her afraid of you. 
Want a Woman to Love you, and not Fear you?

1) Keep the channels of communication between you both constantly open, not just open, but free of judgment, let her feel free and bold to come to and talk to you about ANYTHING (sensible or not),
Never use what she tells you against her, lest she becomes afraid of telling you things in the future. 
2) Always Encourage and Welcome her Suggestions and Criticisms.
3) Do not be an overly serious, overly critical Husband.
Dish out COMPLIMENTS and PRAISES more than you dish out CRITICISMS.
Be a sweet Husband, not an Angry Bird.
Joke, play, laugh with her. Be fun to be with. Let her feel relaxed to be her real self anytime she's in your presence.

4) Desist from raising your voice at her. When you shout at a Woman, or anyone generally, you INTIMIDATE them, you want a wife who is INTIMATE with you, not one that is INTIMIDATED by you. 
4) Never threaten Her. You may apologize later and say you were only joking, but you've sown the seed of fear already and you'll reap the harvest of it.

5) Don't lay your hands on her for whatever reason, Never.
If you feel like hitting something, go out and look for a soldier and hit. 
Or better still, walk away till you're calm.

Want submission and respect from your wife? Just love her. LOVE is enough. 
Build LOVE in your home, not FEAR. Your Home is not a military cantonment. 

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