Thursday, September 22, 2022

10 Mistakes To Avoid Making When Starting A New Relationship..

Some of us lost relationships too soon because of things we were not doing right. Since I want you to avoid some mistakes that might disrupt a potential relationship, let's dive in. 

These tips would be very beneficial to every single man and woman out there. Most experiences taught me. I applied them when I was still single, and they worked very well. I am positive it would help you too. 

1) Moving too fast. Take it slow, like fine wine, savor it.
2) Giving up on the 1st challenge. It's new.  You are two people getting to know each other, and friction is bound to happen.
3) Broadcasting every detail. Try to avoid giving too much detail. Certain things are to remain between you and your boo.

4) Fantasizing about the future. Don't start making marriage plans and scare your new partner away. Save it until the relationship is established.
5) Being too unavailable. As busy as you get, map out time to spend with your new partner to avoid the other feeling neglected.
6) Being too clingy. Don't present yourself as someone without a life. You both need time to be independent and be better people.

7) Lying. It's never a good idea to start your relationship with lies. Build trust.
8) Overlooking the red flags. Don't out of fear of not meeting someone else ignore the red flag. Don't be in denial of the flaws.
9) Talking about an Ex too often. Limit any sort of mention of your Ex. The past is gone, face the new.
10) Making them Choose you. Before you started the relationship, you both had friends and other people in your lives. Don't pressure them to put you above every other. It takes time to get there.

Now tell me, which of the mistakes have you been committing all this while? 
Do enjoy the rest of your day and stay +ve

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