Friday, September 2, 2022

10 Commandment Of Sex For Married Couple - How to enjoy the pleasure of sex with your partner.

Sex is so powerful that it can bond two people together to the extent of making them look alike, and behave a little similarly as well. Well-enjoyed sex can cause unforgettable memory for years. However, for you to enjoy sex with your partner, you have to start with intimacy, foreplay, caressing, and then penetration which leads to orgasm. Although you can still enjoy orgasm with your partner while still having foreplay, and caressing each other.

Now in order for you to always enjoy your sex with your partner, you have to always do the following or follow the steps below; 

1) Don't wear a panty when you serve him supper.
2) Carefully Move your hand over his penis when He kisses you.
3) Always make some noise when he's having sex with you.
4) Don't be scared to stretch your legs when he is on TOP.
5) Change the style without his penis out of your vagina because that will help the penis to touch the wall of your vagina.

6) Don't be a corpse in bed always shake your body in line with the way he's thrusting inside you.
7) LET him put his middle finger in you after sex. Demand from him if you need him.
8) Always allow your man to have your vagina when he needs and wants it, even when it's 13:00 hours at midday.
9) DON'T wear any form of pants or clothes after sex, so that he can get in at any time when he wants.
10) Make him enjoy your body so much so that he can always think about it and come home straight after work just to be with you.

With these tips or tricks, you will always enjoy sex with your partner.
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