Friday, August 19, 2022

Our First Sex Together Was On The Wedding Night

Singles, you need to learn from this 
"Discovering my fiancée was a virgin was a thing of joy and it was an answered prayer for me. And we were really looking forward to our wedding night. But then, we're always having mixed feelings, because none of us have a pre-knowledge of what it's going to look like on our wedding day. 
So, as the day draw closer and preparation was on top gear, my fiancee kept lamenting over HER FEARS... Which is majorly lovemaking in marriage.

Though, prior to that, I have been following Mummy Seun Oladele. So, I chatted with her and she gave her counsel. We also joined the love-making class (SWEET HONEYMOON) by MUMMY SEUN OLADELE. Her book (SEX... SWEET SEX) was a great help too.
From what we've learned in the class and read in the book, we felt we're good to go. So, we murdered our fears and continued with our wedding plans. Little do we know that THEORY IS QUITE DIFFERENT FROM PRACTICAL!

After the wedding, the reality dawned on us. We struggled with it. And it took us three (3) good days before I could BREAKTHROUGH. 
Mummy Seun's book really helped. We have to read through it together again. And finally, it's a testimony. And I can tell you, the experience was MIND BLOWING...
Though, we thank God we were both novices because none of us have anyone else to compare our experience with. We're both satisfied with what we do and how we do it. We believe we'll get better per day.

My counsel to young people is WAIT! Honestly, it is worth waiting for. We're so happy we did it first after we've been pronounced as Husband and Wife. 
To the engaged couples who want to learn about it before entering marriage and also the married couples who are not enjoying love-making as they ought to, I recommend Mummy SEUN OLADELE's book and love-making class. I believe you will thank me later."
Mr Temitope Shola-John SOG
Sex is worth waiting for. Not all men asks for sex before marriage. There are godly men praying for and waiting for godly wives. You will not lose your testimony in Jesus' name!
Be blessed!

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