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How I Overcame Masturbation And Spiritual Wife After 20 Years

In order to expose masturbation, I have to tell you my story and criticize that insanity that has held millions of souls captive. Generations upon generations have suffered from masturbation and people are wondering why am I like this. They don’t comprehend where that desire is coming from.

Today, I will reveal the evils of masturbation by the grace of God. The way God formed man, Men are actually those who carry babies in their loins while women incubate the seed till their birth. As a man, you are a conveyance of seeds, you carry children in your loins which is why men are under such an invasion.
I come from a family where our ancestors were so obsessed with powers. I was told that our ancestors committed all sorts of offenses in order to obtain powers from the devil. Some killed virgins, and women and even smashed babies to get powers!

This was familiar in many families in Africa. These men were so power-drunk that they devoted their unborn babies in their loins to the devil. The devil, on the other hand, was so happy with the conception that he has their future generation in his hands. My father was in such a family but he was lucky to get a woman who loved attending church. We were three siblings. My brother, myself, and my sister. Now the curse we inherited should have affected every one of us.

The curse was that we could never go forward in life, that money will never stay in our hands or be successful in our relationships. The affliction was so bad that we had to remain only in the village and not be exposed to the outside world. None of us were made to amount to anything due to these curses.

When you are a child and you grow in innocence, in virginity you get covered from all these evils. That is why when a child dies in innocence they are taken straight to heaven. What the devil does is he will stay for you to cross that line of righteousness and then present you with his offer, the ancestral curses in order to get you in bondage. He will come with spiritual chains to get you bound to the evil curses. This occurs in a form of masturbation or any sexual sin to get you to activate that curse in your life.

Youthful girls will take boyfriends and young men will look for girls to have sex with them while they are not married yet.
Telling my own life story, my brother remained a virgin and married as a virgin. He rejected that will allow anything to contaminate himself. The same was with my sister, she stood firm as a virgin and got married as a virgin. But luckily, I couldn’t follow that source. Do you know how they got me? I was reading a magazine.

Some uncles came from abroad and got a porn magazine and hid it somewhere in the house thinking that nobody would see it. Somehow I happened to get this magazine and focused my eyes on the images! That was it! That is how it all began. It was so weird how that magazine landed in my home. Normally, you won’t find anything of that sort at all in my bedroom. I don’t know whether he came and failed to take it with him or what so I watched those sex images in pornography!

I was about 12-14 years old then. I was still within my early age of innocence but I couldn’t continue my virginity. The devil got me this offer and that is where I began masturbating. As my brother and sister were moving forward in life, I was moving backward. Now the ancestral curse has been activated. When it happens like that they attack your finances, if you are in school they humiliate your education. I would write exams for people to pass well but for myself, I would fail when the result is out!

Masturbation was terribly keeping me backward in life. A curse must have a cause to be activated so the masturbation was activating it and validating the curse against me. (Any lifestyle you lead that violates the word of God can attract demons to work against you)

Proverbs 26:2 “A curse without a cause will not alight” (will not happen).

I was masturbating every day of my life so my life came to a standstill. I was going about telling people I was a virgin but I was a chronic masturbator! I would masturbate anywhere, anyhow. I would finish praying now and as soon as I finished I would still masturbate. I even masturbated inside a church building, while service was still going on. It is a strong and powerful addiction.

So when people are sharing their battles with me about masturbation I will easily understand what they mean I was there for 20 whole years of my life. When the urge comes upon you it is so powerful that you don’t have any other option than to go ahead and do it. So I kept masturbating and masturbating and my life kept going downhill.

A sister-friend sent me a message about her lovely daughter who just turned 13 years old. In their family, the curse that worked was that no one gets married and stays in the marriage so their women are all unmarried mothers with children. They don’t know what to do with it.
This lady’s daughter had a dream, where she was standing at a crossroads where a woman was calling her to come for some item she was holding, asking the young girl to come and collect them. I asked the mother, “has your daughter menstruated” she answered, “she has just started her menstruation and this is the dream she saw”.

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What this means is that the girl has just got to her age of leaving her innocence to adulthood, so now the demons want to give her the curse that follows her family so that she can also end up like her mum and aunties. She said that woman keeps coming in her dream and she keeps refusing her offer. If she had accepted that offer she would have either start having sex or masturbating which will influence her education terribly.

A brilliant child will go to school and will amount to nothing. This is what masturbation does, it involves your finances, and your education and gives you sleepless nights (Insomnia ) This is just me conveying to you my story.

By the way, what is masturbation? This is my own description of masturbation, it is a meditative stimulation of your sexual organ in order to arouse sexual feelings and derive sexual satisfaction that leads to orgasmic discharges. It is a spiritual journey you embark on to give out your life to monsters and I will break it down for you to understand me.

The founder of the Satanist church Anton Lavey said, the most wonderful secret sacrifice, during the ceremony of rituals is the spilling of the semen more than cutting the throat of a man and letting it spill on the ground. The Bible says you shall know the truth and it will set you free. When you know the truth about masturbation it will set you on your journey to freedom. There are some doctors all around lying to you about prostate cancer. Saying if you don’t masturbate you can get prostate cancer total lies from the pit of hell!

People will be telling you, you can doze well when you masturbate No! Rather you can’t sleep when you do so. You have a “foggy brain” you can’t even think accurately. Those who spread such lies are selling the souls of men to demons. When I heard that statement from Anton Lavey I said to myself how possible could that be that spilling one’s semen is a more powerful sacrifice than the shedding of one’s blood then.

God began to give me clear lectures on what that means. I will share that with you here now.
You know the semen is not like urine that you pour on the floor. The semen has to go through a process before it comes out. That process is a spiritual journey. You have to reach orgasm for the semen to come out so the semen that drops on the ground is the entirety of you. That is why it is called a seed. It has your DNA, your emotional and physiological parts of a man are in that fluid. That is what you are spewing out.

It is like carrying yourself and sacrificing yourself for the demons on the ground. Once your semen is spilled on the ground the demons collect all these components one after the other your strength, your power, and your authority comes under their command. You don’t believe me? In the bible, Genesis 1:28. says "God blessed them and said, Be fruitful, multiply and replenish the earth and subdue it and take dominion over the birds in the sky and the fish in the sea and over everything that moves on the earth and he sanctified them".

What do you call a blessing? It is a transfer of virtue. Whenever you reach orgasm these goodnesses come out with your sperm and that is what the devil has been aiming for. Before evil spirits take over a place and hover around there, they need human energy.
What do you believe God created man from the dust and formed into a being? He did something to the clay and it became flesh and blood with a soul. How can clay become a living being if the supernatural power of God is not assigned to that clay?

That supernatural power is like a gold mine, like an oil well, that is what monsters are looking for and that is what you give to them daily when you masturbate.
They put the desire in you, you do it and release it for them. Your authority and your dominion and power are what you are giving to these demons. When you see a productive tree it will bear fruits again and again until it gets to the point that it can’t bear any more. It becomes dry and drained of strength.
Have you heard that spirits have genders and that there are male and female spirits before? Spirits don’t have genders but today you hear what we call spirits wife and spirit husbands. How did it happen that way?


When you masturbate, the energy you give out is what the demon takes and transforms into a male or a female to meet your needs according to your gender. So if you are a man the demons come to you as a woman and have sex with you, if you are a woman he comes to you as a man to have sex with you as well.
Demons don’t have rights to our bodies but it is the strength you give them, so in the night they come to you to make love to you as the opposite gender. Before a demon comes to torment you he needs your energy. Your permission was given to them so they can gain entrance to your body. They are not meant to dwell in us but it is your sin that makes them control you.

Anyone who masturbates a lot has demons that sail around him so they oppress and control him to do it more and give them muscle. If you see a chronic masturbator they are physically and spiritually drained, nothing is left inside them. Why? Because everything you have, you have given it away to demons.

Those who practice yoga, I mean exercising your body, those who do raga yoga are told to picture a pyramid in their minds surrounded by fire and at the endpoint, they get controlled by a serpent demon who controls their brain. Those who get into radical yoga always get passed by demons.

This is My life story.
What do you have to say about me?

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