Thursday, August 18, 2022


Successful marriages are built with effort, determination, commitment, sacrifices, and love, however, these things listed in the article are mainly for building successful marriages.

They are;
1) GOD'S WORD. A Relationship/marriage not founded on God's Word as its constitution and compass is like a house built on sand.
GOD'S WORD is the Manual for Marriage. Know this and know Peace. 
Relationships and Marriages fail easily because God's word isn't a part of their foundation pillars. 

2) FRIENDSHIP. What is a Relationship without Friendship? SITUATIONSHIP
What Is Marriage without Friendship?
MISCARRIAGE. I'm enjoying my Marriage every day because I married my friend and bestie.
Marry your Friend oh and Be the Friend who you Marry.

3) LOVE. Love as an EMOTION and Love as a DECISION are both vital for Relationships and Marriages to thrive and flourish.
Don't marry someone you do not Love, that's MURDER 
Don't marry someone who doesn't love you, that's SUICIDE
If God is leading you, there'll be love. God is not a sadist.

4) TRUST. When TRUST is low in a Relationship or Marriage, TENSION will be high, and where there is tension, HYPERTENSION is nearby.
Don't marry someone you don't trust, you'll spend your whole life as a PLAINTIFF.
Don't marry someone who doesn't trust you, you'll spend your whole life as an ACCUSED.

1) THEY DON'T MAKE YOU A PRIORITY. When you love someone, you don't give them attention in your SPARE TIME, rather you SPARE TIME for them no matter how busy your schedule is. 
When everything and everyone else comes before you, their family, their job, their career, their friends, their hobbies....... Smell the coffee.
They don't love you enough as they claim.

2) THEY DON'T MAKE COMMUNICATION A BIG DEAL. Someone who loves you wants to talk to you, hear you, DAILY. 
That someone can do without hearing from you for as much as a day or worse with no reasonable reason is a sign that they aren't as into you as you or they think.

3) THEY ARE ONLY THERE WHEN THEY NEED YOU. You are willing to do anything to make them happy, but you'll find out they aren't equally willing to do the same for you.
They'd make excuses why they can't do this...... Why they can't do that, why they can't be there, why they can't give you... That you should try and understand... That's a lie, they don't love you. 

4) THEY DON'T SHOW YOU AFFECTION VOLUNTARILY. They never voluntarily do anything sweet for you.
Except you demand it.
You have to beg them to call you. 
You have to remind them before they tell you they love you.
You carry the Relationship on your head like a gala. 

Refuse to be in a Relationship where you're just an option. It'll end in Tears.
You deserve to love and be loved in return.

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