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There are many things you must never do or be. As your children are looking up to you, be a great example for them. These are the things you must never become:
1) LIAR: Don’t be a liar. Telling lies will expose you to your children and they may end up emulating you.
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2) ABSENTEE: Don’t be an absentee father; be available to take care of your children. Don’t delegate parenting. It’s your duty to raise your children; it’s your duty to make them what God created them to be and you must be available at home to do this.

3) DRUNKARD: If you don’t want to raise irresponsible children, flee from alcohol. Be a responsible father. Do not move aimlessly from one nightclub to another, seeking what to drink.

4) ADULTÉRER: Be faithful to the mother of your children and run away from sexual infidelity. A good father will always be faithful to his marriage vow.

5) BOSSES: Children are looking for friends and mentors. Unfortunately, most African fathers are bosses to their children.

6) BULLY: Apart from being bosses, lots of African fathers are also bullies. They forcefully make their children do their will. They never admit their wrongdoings. They can be very harsh and difficult. This is very wrong, don’t be a bully.

7) WIFE BEATERS: One of the stupidest things a father can do is to beat his wife; whether in front of the children or not. Having knowledge of this, the children may never forgive their father. Be a gentleman; they don’t beat women.

8) MONSTER: Lots of children see their Fathers as monsters. They are happy when their fathers are not home but run for cover when they arrive. This plays out in lots of African homes. Lots of children feel better and more relaxed when their fathers are not at home. Don’t be a monster, be a friend to your children.

9) CHILD ABUSER: An excellent father will not abuse his children. Abuse can come in any form. Exposing Children to paid jobs at a very tender age is abuse. Also, battering children, denying a child his or her food, clothing, sleep, etc. are all abuse. Don’t do it.

10) CHILD MOLESTER: It can be disheartening to learn that fathers abuse their daughters sexually. It is unimaginable indeed. Sadly, it is rampant today. Don’t ever do it; don’t let it cross your mind. It is wrong, demonic, and unthinkable.

11) IRRESPONSIBLE: Some fathers are purely irresponsible. While they have money, they don’t take care of their families. Their wives take care of the home front financially. These women pay the house rents, school fees, and other bills. This is purely irresponsible. A father can’t be excellent if he is not meeting the needs of his family.

12) A BAD MODEL: Experts say that children will take 20% of what they are told and 80% of what they see their fathers do. That is why they must see a good model in you, not a bad one. Whatever you don’t want your children to do, run away from it too because they will do whatever they see in you.
You will not fail as a parent in Jesus name.....

Written By Bisi Adewale, marriage and relationship therapist

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