Monday, August 8, 2022

10 Reasons Many Men Are Not Satisfying Their Wives Sexual Desire.

I am talking about psychological issues not spiritual or physical problems. If you feel what you are combating is satanic, you and your wife need to break it by the authority in the name of Jesus Christ.
Many men are battling low self-esteem, which directly affects sexual performance in marriage. If your husband doesn't feel good about himself, he may lack the energy to pursue you and may not want to be intimate sexually.
Due to the poor economy, more men are losing Jobs, which means loss of respect from wives and families and may lead to weak erection, erectile dysfunction, or, impotence.
To augment a once upon buoyant but no longer enough income, more men are doing strenuous jobs to provide for the family, this can decrease libido and reduce sexual performance.
Domineering and aggressive wives lose their sex appeal leading to the low sexual performance of the husband.
Sickness: More men are battling health issues due to stress and overworking.
Insomnia (sleeplessness) is caused by worry, anxiety, and fear.
Ridicule: when a wife keeps ridiculing her husband's sexual performance, it can cripple his keeps, till he losses erection completely
Bad debt
Among others. 

Best Tips A Easiest Way To Make Your Man Satisfy Sexually.
You can help your husband stay sexually fit and healthy by appreciating him daily, admiring his efforts, massaging and soothing his ego, admiring him regularly (asking your husband for sex boosts his ego. It makes him feel wanted and needed), supporting him, praying g for him and praising him.
A wife's positive words and attitude will go a long way in helping men overcome their daily challenges, eat well, stay fit and healthy and enjoy regular maximum sexual pleasure with their wives seducing longevity, vitality, happiness, and contentment with self., promoting
If promoting your husband's sexual interest is declining, this could cause infidelity, and anger from him against you. If there are serious underlining health issues kindly consult your Doctor or health caregiver so it will be resolved. I hope this helps.

Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers! Please comment on your view of this article.
Written by Seun Oladele, marriage, and relationship counselor.

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