The List Of The Characters To Look Out For When Accepting To Marry Anyone..

You can not get married to everybody. Some people are supposed to be your friends, not your marriage partner. For someone to qualify as your spouse, you must be attracted to them spiritually, socially, emotionally, intellectually, mentally, and physically -anything short of that equals marital disaster.

Lots of people are in pathetic marriages because they married someone they have no fate together.
I had a good male friend for 10 years. It was a captivating, pure, platonic union. We liked each other, we talked a lot and we respected each other's core values. That's where it ends. 

There was no chemistry, I wasn't in love with him and there was no physical appeal. But we had stood by each other through thick and thin. I like standing by people when they are nothing. Then he got a nice job, wanted to settle down, took me out, and made his proposal. He felt since I had stood by him all the years he was hustling, I was the best candidate for his marriage but he was inaccurate! I wasn't! I was not in love with him and he was not physically attractive to me. Oh, don't get it wrong, this guy is good-looking at 5 feet and several inches tall. 

Light complexioned, well made, well groomed, smelled nice and some ladies looked at me with envy as he picked me out to spend hours with so I should have counted myself lucky and jumped at the proposal but I could not marry him, he had some flaws I could never cope with and his spiritual life wasn't just compatible with mine. Yet we liked each other. He was hurt I said NO but I had no regret. I understood I wasn't what he needed physically and intellectually too so why get married?

When he met the lady he is now married to, I was very pleased for him. I knew he was in love. He talked about her with joy, he glowed and shone, and was very proud of her and from his doting around her, I knew they were physically attracted to each other. His wife admires him too and she counts herself lucky to marry him. I heaved a sigh of ease!

A successful marriage is beyond physical attraction but you must be Completely CONVINCED within your spirit you are marrying your God-ordained spouse for your life.
Don't settle for less out of desperation. Don't just marry anybody.
I am now blissfully married to the man of my dreams whom I admire and respect a lot. We are all-around compatible and have high chemistry with each other.

Waiting for God's will pays. God bless you. 

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