Honestly, true love is more and more scarce these days. The reason for its scarcity is rooted in one fact: it's VERY COSTLY. True love is not cheap; it's a treasure of priceless value that many people don't possess at all. Do you possess it?  Are you a true lover?

Don't be self-deluded: everyone can claim to love anybody, but not everybody can TRULY LOVE because their DEMANDS are very, very high and not everyone has what it takes to deserve it. 
If you are still single, please don't give your heart to anyone JUST LIKE THAT, JUST ANYHOW. Did you hear that??? Don't give your heart to someone who doesn't DESERVE it. Whether man or woman let them PROVE their love to you FIRST. True love is provable. They must earn your love. If you compromise on this, then don't complain or cry later.

The woman who is now the QUEEN of my heart gave me a TOUGH RUN for my money. Despite knowing that I was God's will for her, she still wanted me to PROVE that love. As someone who understands what true love is and its very high demands, with great delight, I swung into action. Love is actionable, oh yeah, it's! And I demonstrated love, no, I love her like KILODE, I proved my love to her BEYOND ANY DOUBT. I wasn't just a lover of God, but a true lover as well. Being a lover of God is not the same as being a true lover in a love relationship with the opposite sex. They are two different things. Being a true lover is a "skill of the heart" that you must conscientiously and committedly display forever. That's why one can be a successful or accomplished pastor, coach, engineer, lawyer, actor, teacher, business person, wealthy, just name it, and yet be a FAILURE at love or marriage. So humble yourself and learn how to love and be committed to it with all your life.

The mistake that many people keep making in their relationship level is that they are not being "business-like" or "serious-minded" about love adventure. Love is very valuable, but why do you keep wasting it on someone who doesn't deserve it? As a single, he/she doesn't love you, doesn't care for or about you, doesn't treat you well, doesn't have time for you, doesn't treat you with respect, etc., why are you still holding tight to that relationship? Your relationship is marred with all the lies, deceit, abuses, cheating, and purposelessness in the world, why are you still hanging on with him/her? All the signs of a "wrong lover" are staring you in the face, you're very uncomfortable with them, you are not at peace with yourself whenever you are around them, they show little or no attention to you, and you are even having some frightening dreams about them, why are you still dating them? 

Oh, you are afraid of losing them, right? But are you not concerned about your HAPPINESS? Friends, that's how unhappiness and misery in a relationship or marriage start. Please be TRUTHFUL to yourself and BREAK FREE from self-delusion. You deserve to be loved. You deserve to be happy. Enough of ONE-SIDED LOVE. Please be prayerful and smart. Most of the relationship dilemmas are self-inflicted because we are not very patient, observant, proactive, and most importantly, truthful to ourselves by calling a spade a spade.

Friends, don't be scared. True love still exists. We still have many real men and women out there. There are still many husband and wife materials out there. But it's your responsibility to prayerfully find them. You will find true love this time around in Jesus' name.
Don't forget true love is very costly so don't be careless about your love adventure henceforth. Love with your heart, but observe with your head (brains). So singles, anyone in your life who doesn't deserve YOUR LOVE, Oya sweep them off your heart right away! Be happy. Be at peace with yourself. For it's better to have a broken relationship than a broken marriage. May God continue to keep our relationships and marriages. Many thanks for reading and commenting.

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