Monday, July 11, 2022


HELLFIRE simply means a place where the eternal fire of hell tortures sinners, idol worshippers, murderers, liars, fornicators, etc., that's the meaning of hellfire. Hellfire is a respecter of nobody, no matter your position in the church the mosque, or your political class, if you merit hellfire, a place of eternal punishment, you will be there.

Below are the truths or untold facts you should know about hellfire.
1. Hellfire has only one entrance and no exit. 
2. Hell is a place where there is nothing like an expiring date. 
3. Hellfire is a place where activities never end because there is no day or night.
4. Hell is a place where nothing changes.
5. A city that will never and never change its constitution.
6. Hellfire is a city with no drop of water.
7. Hell has no regard or respect for any man or woman of any class or reputation.
8. Hell is a city with no rest.
9. Hell is a city where only demons have the right to laugh.

10. Hell is a city of darkness with an ocean of fire.
11. Hell is a city where no man sins anymore.
12. Hell is a city where everyone has repented but no one to forgive.
13. Hell is a city of no help or help.
14. Hell is a city where love never exists but hatred and curses.
15. Hell is a city where wealth and riches never exist.
16. Hell is a city of eternal fasting but no prayers.
17. Hell is a city of no mercy.
18. Hell is a city of no death.
19. Hell is a city of sickness but no herbs.

20. Hell is the largest city so far after HEAVEN. It increases every second with no reproduction.
21. Hell is the city with the most powerful security where no man has ever gone missing.
22. Hell is a city where there is neither a calendar nor a new year.
23. Hell is a city of no hope. 
24. A city where all men transform into a different state.
25. A city where beauty becomes useless. 
26. A city where there's no desire for money or womanizing.
27. A city where there's pain but no peace. 
28. A city of unstoppable weeping and gnashing of teeth.
29. The only city whose fire is unquenchable and unstoppable.
30. The only city that I don't encourage, desire, or advise anyone to visit. 

This is the message revealed by God to this generation. 
Please repent now tomorrow might be too late.

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