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I Feel Very Bad For Cheating On My Wife - Chapter 6 And Chapter 7

Lara; wait, what?” …
I covered my face with my hands in shame, I couldn’t meet my wife’s look. Why did I let myself go this far? …
Tunde; I am so sorry, Lara. If only you could see my heart. You don’t deserve this, I know, but please, find a place in your heart to forgive me. See my knees on the ground, I am in front of you in all sincerity, begging you to forgive me”

Lara; Oh, Tunde. How could you? My little cousin of all people. You should have picked up an ashawo somewhere, someone I don’t know, instead of my cousin. I could swear that you were the last man on earth that can stoop to this level. I don’t know if my heart can carry this, I don’t know. I am shaking, my heart is breaking into pieces, and breathing is starting to become a task for me. Tunde, why? Have I not loved you enough? What have I done wrong to deserve this level of humiliation and heartbreak?”

Tunde; You didn’t do anything wrong. It was my fault, I blame myself for everything and I’m ready to pay for it, however, and whichever way you want, all I ask is for forgiveness. Please, I am down on my knees, forgive me. I promise to live the rest of my life making it up to you. I beg of you”
Lara; when did this happen and when did it start? For how long now?”

Tunde; nothing started, Lara. This has never happened before, I told you. It was yesterday when I left the house, during the argument we had. I drove into a hotel and called her, she met me there, one thing led to another, but we didn’t go all the way. She didn’t even see me completely. Your call brought back my senses.”

Lara;  Oh, just yesterday. Wow! Tunde, I am finished. I need you to leave this room, I don’t want to see you or be around you now. You can even leave the house for all I care, just leave, please”
Tunde; Lara, please, don’t do this, I am begging you, it’s the middle of the night and I don’t have anywhere else to go, even if I did, I don’t want to leave you alone like this, please”

Lara; really? You don’t have anywhere else to go? But you were the one that ran to your Secretary yesterday. Go back to the hotel and call her, I’m sure she will be at your beck and call, now that you’ve given her the pass. Just leave this minute, please”

Tunde; No, Lara, I will not leave. Whatever you want to do to me, I will be here. I will not leave you in this state, I’ve done enough harm already, I just want to make things right. I know it won’t go away like that, but I will give everything to pay for the wrong that I’ve done you”
She started pacing the room, walked into the closet, and came out. I thought she was going to get something to hit me with, but she appeared with nothing in her hands. She was crying profusely, her hair was scattered, and she looked so innocent and helpless. I’ve seen my wife go through pains before, during labor, especially for our 3rd child, also when she had a tumor removed, the pain was unbearable, but I’ve never seen her go through this type of pain, it was different. She looked like she was about to collapse, she didn’t stop pacing the room, at some point, I got up from the floor and went to her. 
I expected her to push me away, but she didn’t. I gave her a hug and she laid her strength on me. I staggered backward a few steps, then held her steady in a warm hug, while she cried bitterly. I didn’t do right by her at all. I made a silent promise that this would be the first and last I would put her through this, never again. Never! 

Tunde; I’m so sorry, Lara. Forgive your husband, please. Help me to make all these go away, help me, Lara. Take me as your son that has done wrong, scold me, correct me and help me fix this. I love you so so so much, and you know this. I love you, in fact, I don’t even know the right words that can convey how much I love you. I wish you could open up my heart to see for yourself. Forgive me” …
I tried to kneel again, but she stopped me. 
Lara; what do you want me to do, Tunde? What help are you asking for?”
She said, amidst tears. 

Tunde; I don’t know what to do about your cousin. I don’t know if I should sack her or not.  I don’t want her working for me again, I feel so ashamed of the whole thing. I even apologized to her, but she wouldn’t have it, she wants me to be her sugar daddy and start parting with money and gifts. I am torn, Lara. Please, help me”

Lara; hmm! You apologized to her that you did what, please? Did you force her or drag her down to the hotel? She knew what she was doing, she had this planned all along, waiting for the perfect opportunity to hit, and you fell right into her hands. The audacity to even make demands, on my own cousin that I took pity on. I paid that girl’s school fees, from year one to her final year, and I take care of her mother even till now. This is how she pays me back. What a life”

Tunde; what I should I do, please?”
Lara; you will not go to work tomorrow. You will call her to come to the house and take some files when she comes, I will tell her my mind. I will also invite her boyfriend and make it look like I have a surprise planned out for her so that he won’t tell her. You want me to handle this, right? Handle it, I will…

I feel so bad for cheating on my wife. Chapter 7.
I tried to hold her again after the conversation, she told me not to push my luck. That she agreed to help me handle my Secretary, doesn’t mean everything will automatically go back to normal, which I understand. It will take her time to heal from this hurt that I inflicted on her. I wasn’t expecting magic or a miracle to make everything go away as soon as I confessed. I meant every word I said to her, no matter what it takes, I will live every day, making it up to her. 

The fact that I won’t hear the last of it, is enough punishment for me on its own. My wife is someone that hardly let's go, even if she forgives you, she will keep reminding you of your trespasses, every now and then and using it against you. Which makes her have her way almost all the time, but then, which wife doesn’t? I believe women are naturally built that way, they aren’t the perfect creatures, but they always want things done their way, and they always want to hold on to some wrong you did to them in the past, so as to make you dance to every of their tune. A price I’m happy to pay for her forgiveness, she means the world to me.

The next day, after the kids had gone to school, my wife picked up my phone and handed it to me…
Lara; oya, call her. Put it on speaker phone. Tell her to bring you some files, anything at all from the office that you might need at home because you aren’t strong enough for work today, you want to just relax in the house. If she asks about me, tell her I went out of town.”

Tunde; you mentioned her boyfriend early this morning. Are you still inviting him here?”
Lara; definitely. He’s on his way here, as we speak. When he gets here, I would like you to remain in the room, until your secretary comes. When both of them are here, I will flash you to come downstairs”
I collected the phone from her and dialed my Secretary’s number, she picked up a second ring and was so cheerful that I called. I noticed that she had dropped the ‘sir’, the formality wasn’t there anymore. I didn’t know my wife also noticed it. 

Secretary; good morning. It’s so sweet to see your call this morning. For you to be the first person to call me today, it means it’s going to be a sweet day”
Tunde;  I won’t be at work today, I don’t feel too strong. Go into my office, you will see a blue file I left on the table, please, bring it to the house, immediately”

Secretary; haha! Please, don’t fall sick o. Me that is planning on spending this coming weekend with you. I will start coming as soon as this call ends. Is your wife in the house? I wish I could quickly massage you with warm water when I get there, but if she’s around, it won’t be possible”
Tunde; my wife is out of town. Do start coming, please”

Secretary; great. Awesome. The best news this morning. I will book an uber now, see you soon”…
The call ends and my wife lets out a long sigh. I could see that she was struggling not to cry…
Lara; I knew it, I knew she was going to ask if I was around. Chai, this small girl sha. She has completely lost all respect for you, and even me. This is all your fault, Tunde. See the way she was talking to you like you are her long-time lover, and you say you didn’t go all the way? That last weekend was the first time, eehn?”

Tunde; I swear, Lara. I’m saying the truth, that girl is just getting over her head with excitement, she thinks she has gotten me as her lover, because of what happened. We didn’t go all the way and I’ve never made a pass at her or even been suggestive of wanting any intimacy from her in the past, before last weekend. Shebi she’s coming here, if I had any more things to hide, I won’t be comfortable with whatever you have planned.”

Lara; so much for blood being thicker than water. A bad person is a bad person, blood doesn’t change anything. Let her get here first”

Tunde; don’t you think she’ll know something is fishy if she sees you or her boyfriend immediately after she gets here?”
Lara; the maid will open the door for her when she comes. Her boyfriend will be at the back of the house, she won’t see him or me until she has settled down. Just watch and see how it all plays out”…
I wondered where she was going with all these. I had actually expected her to just call my secretary on the phone and rip her off. The whole plan was what I didn’t see coming. 

Less than 30 minutes later, my secretary’s boyfriend, Biodun, alighted from an uber, in front of my house. I watched him through the window, as he paid the driver. Such a handsome young man, but he wasn’t enough for his girlfriend, I guess it’s all about money for that one. She wants to eat her cake and have it. They got engaged on her birthday, she wears the ring always, even while she almost did it with me in the hotel, the ring was perfectly positioned on her finger. This would really break Biodun’s heart, just like it did to my wife. If I could, I would turn back the hands of time and make everything go away, but I couldn’t. The deed has been done. I blame myself for everything. 

I was in the bathroom taking a shower when my wife came to tell me to hurry up, that my secretary had arrived. I thought she was going to flash me like she said, maybe she changed her mind. I hurried my shower, got out of the bathroom, and casually dressed up, while she sat on the bed, waiting for me. When I was set, we both walked downstairs together, to meet my secretary. The shock on her face when she saw us was epic! She stood immediately, and stuttered, while she greeted my wife, twice, before greeting me, like we hadn’t spoken on the phone earlier.

My wife didn’t respond to her greeting, she called out to the maid, instead. When the maid appeared, she said to her…
Lara; go and call that guy sitting at the back. Bring him here…

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