Monday, July 25, 2022

I feel so bad for cheating on my wife. Final Chapter.

After Biodun left, my Secretary got up from the floor and made towards the chair to sit down, my wife stopped her …

Lara; what do you want to do? You want to still sit down on my chair, don’t try it, olorìburuku oshi. The floor is where you belong, you either sit on it or stand where you are” …
I felt uncomfortable. Let the girl go and end all these, but I kept my mouth shut, knowing I caused everything, I didn’t want to spike my wife more than she’s already spiked. I just couldn’t wait for the chapter to be over. She continued …

Lara; where’s the iPhone 12 I gave to you?
Secretary; I have it here, ma”
Lara; alright, remove your sim from it and hand it over to me, immediately. I didn’t buy you a phone for you to use it to share my husband with me. Go and buy an iPhone with your own money”
That was it, I had to speak up, I just had to…
Tunde; haba! Lara. Please, you don’t have to do this, you are not petty, don’t take back the gift you gave to her, it’s not okay, I beg you”

Lara; ogbeni, don’t let me pounce on you. You say petty? See who is talking. If what you did is not the height of pettiness, then tell me what is. You can’t hurt a child and expect the child not to cry, or tell the child how to cry. I bought the phone with my money, I will collect it back. If you feel sorry for her, you can buy her another one, marry her as well, while you are at it. I will be petty, oh, I will be very petty today. If I was a vìolent person, I would have beàten her the way she will never forget, but I am not, she’s lucky. Even if I was, what will I do to you? I can not beàt you, I can not. Both of you deserve each other, honestly. See you, feeling like king Kong, untouchable. You are the man, you can do whatever you want and get away with it, abi? Head of the family, man of the house. I wonder what your kids will say when they hear this”

Tunde; it hasn’t gotten to that, Lara. I made a mistake, I blame myself for it, I don’t like the repercussions, I don’t like what is happening now, but I plead with you to punìsh me all you want, let her go with her phone, I beg you”...
She ignored me this time and turned to my secretary that was bringing out her sim from the phone, with shaky and sweaty hands…

Lara; what is keeping you? Or don’t you know how to remove an ordinary sim? If it’s to rush to the hotel to kolobi another person’s husband, you will do it in a flash. Give me my phone, jare, and get õut of my house. I do not want to see you anywhere near me again, ever. I have forgiven you, but that doesn’t mean I want to continue being family with you or that I will ever forget what you did. I will never forget. I cut off all ties completely with you. If you dare me, this girl, I will take this further and handle it the way it will ruìn your reputation”…

The Secretary handed her the phone and left the house in shame, without uttering anymore words. She also knew that was the end of her working for me, it was over.
It’s been more than 6 months now. My wife forgave me and we moved past what happened, but she hasn’t allowed me to touch her since then. We live like brother & sister. She moved into the guest room and locks the door every night, to make sure I don’t go in. I understand that she needs time, but I miss her so much, more than words can say. I can’t wait for things to go back to the way they were. I am not an advocate of having separate rooms.

I am still making up for hurting her. I live every day, trying to make her happy, so as to welcome me back into her bödy. It’s not been easy, but I will never stop trying. I love my wife so much, and will never cross this line again. Never!
I got a male Secretary working for me now.

I later heard that Biodun relocated to the United States, and has moved on with his life. I called him shortly after the incident to properly apologize to him and also beg on behalf of his girlfriend, for him to forgive and take her back, but I guess his mind is made up. He left the country without telling her. That relationship is over, because of my lack of self control.
If it ended because of something else, I won’t feel guilty, but knowing it was all my fault, will continue to haunt me.
The End!

If you enjoyed the story and learned a few things from it, let me know in the comment section. Thank you so much, for reading.

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