Monday, July 25, 2022

I feel so bad for cheating on my wife - Chapter 9

She opened her mouth to speak but closed it again. Her crying turned into wailing, her voice louder than it was when this whole thing started...

Biodun; I am losing my patience. You’ve suddenly turned dúmb abi? You that never stops talking, or has the cat got your tongue ni? I said, what did you go to the hotel to do with your boss since you said nothing happened?”

Secretary; I didn’t go to the hotel with him, Biodun. I didn’t. I swear nothing happened”
Biodun; is this one okay or what? Be like you want Ogun to frÿ you right where you are. You admitted earlier to having gone to the hotel with him, now you are saying you didn’t go with him. Is this the type of person you are? Your cousin’s husband, a woman that has done everything for you, someone you never stopped singing her praise all the time. The last time we were together, you kept praying for her, that she will never know sorrow, while you were busy planning on how to get her husband as your sugar daddy. This is really mean o, the height of meanness. For the last time, what did you go to the hotel to do with your boss, you this werey?”

Secretary; erm, see, Biodun, what I mean is…He was already at the hotel by the time he called me to come. I didn’t go with him, I went alone”
Biodun lost his patience completely, he made a move towards her, I got up quickly to stop him. I thought he was going to hit her. No matter what, no one should lay hands on another person, not on my watch …

Me; Biodun, calm down, please. I know you are very upset right now, but don’t do what you will later regret, please, I beg you”
Biodun; with all due respect, sir. Get your hands off me! I don’t hit women, never. You are one to talk abi? If you had controlled yourself and faced your good wife, we won’t be here right now. You have managed to somehow destroy my relationship for 3 years. 3 good years of emotion, commitment, strength, and time, invested in a girl I thought would be my wife. You come in all your high and mighty British accent to destroy all that I’ve built. My babe is being humiliated, how does that make you feel? 

Like a boss that you are, yes? Both of you are the same, no difference at all”…
I saw the disgust in his eyes, as he stared into mine like there were a thousand and one things he wanted to say to me, but something held him back, maybe out of the little respect he had left for me. I quickly removed my hands from him…
Me; haaaah! Biodun, not so o. I feel so bad, every second of the day, this wasn’t my intention at all. You are a man like me, you should understand, I lost myself and did something that is now hurting everyone of us. I opened up to my wife by myself, I couldn’t survive the guilt any further. I hurt my wife so much, I hurt you as well, and I’m deeply sorry”
Biodun; Did you sleep with my girlfriend?”
Me; No, I did not”

Biodun; so what did you invite her to your hotel room for? To take book records or what?”
Me; is this even necessary? This information will hurt you the more, Biodun. Let it go, please”
Biodun; no, sir. Please, answer my question, since my babe is running around in circles. I deserve to know, someone should talk to me. I need this closure”
Me; I understand, Biodun. We were halfway there, almost on the verge of doing it, before my wife called me and I didn’t go any further”
He turned to my wife and said…

Biodun; Ma, I am deeply sorry for everything, you deserve better, you are a good woman. God bless you. I wish to take my leave now, I have an important appointment I do not wish to miss. I pray I don’t break down on the way”
Lara; break down keh? Come on, Biodun, you are a man. A strong one at that. Ogbomosho people are not weaklings. This is so painful, but you will get over it, put yourself together and focus on your appointment. I will call you later to check up on you”

He turned to his girlfriend and said…
Biodun; as for you, I don’t want to ever set my eyes on you again. It’s best this happened now than after I’ve paraded you in front of everyone as my wife. I thank God I found out who you truly are, before marriage. Tomorrow, they’ll say men are the highest cheats. Don’t make the mistake of coming near me again or calling my number. We are done!”
He left…

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