Friday, July 8, 2022


I'm sorry I would have to majorly center this write-up on women in this house. I hope and pray that this would rekindle some dying marriages.
Before a man approaches you, there's something he must have seen in you, possibly some potential. Some would fall in love with you because of your outward beauty; the brilliant and seductive fragrance from your gorgeously made hair, your curves, your steps that looks like that of royalty, and your luscious lips. A man might fall in love with you due to your inward beauty; your cooking skill is excellent, your sense of humor is beyond comparison, your respect for nature is just way out of this world, and your respect for his family and friends is everything to write home about, and you are down to earth. But in all of this, everyone is got their bad sides (shortcomings) and it is the duty of one's partner to put up with this.

There's one habit I would love to debunk here: don't fall in love with and marry a man because you get thrilled by what he does. How can you fall in love with a guy because he has a good voice and sings in an angelic way, doing all the riffs and runs? Yeah, it's good. But is it enough? I hate it when I play the guitar and you start "catching feelings". Do you even know if I'm dumb upstairs?
Let's get down to business.

We've seen how people fall in love, but why is it that suddenly, there's no glow in that relationship anymore? Why is it that you no longer find each other interesting? Do you see that sugar you use to have in your tea? Yes, some ants are stealing it away. Carefree attitude, or should I say 'neglect'?
I'll briefly highlight some factors that kill the spark of love and happiness in a marriage.

1) Diversion of Attention. I know this may sound cliché, but children are the first people that shift your attention away from your spouse. But you should pray to God for wisdom. Don't shift all your love and attention away from your spouse, and focus all your energy on your children. It's unfair, this may sound stupid, but make sure you share your love and time equally with your husband and children. Remember, your husband is your first love. Some of you would do anything in the world for your children and not for your husband.

Professional Work is another thing. Some wives don't have time for house chores. Do you remember how it is that you use to tie his tie for him and say "honey breakfast is ready" before he goes to work? Work has eaten that all up. All you could say now is "Honey, food is in the microwave, please drop the kids off on your way to work". "Sweetheart please when you're coming could you stop by at the eatery and get something for us to eat?" Haba, have you forgotten how the aroma of your egusi soup makes him drool and drain his salivary gland? Just check it out. All I'm saying here is that, if you must work, chose a career that will not eat up all your time.

2) Change in habit. Do I need to refer us to the opening paragraphs again? People would fall in love with you and ask for your hand in marriage because of certain qualities you possess. Why then should you not display those qualities again? You will bore this marriage to death o. Probably you feel you're married now, there's no need again, but subconsciously, you are killing this marriage.
You can make your left and right bums clap when you twerk, and you could see him biting his lips impatient to devour you, you could hear his heartbeat in tune with the rhythm of your waistline, and his mind already whispering alleluia. Why on earth would you stop doing that? You know all the sex positions in Kamasutra, but when he requests some, all you could say is "I'm tired". OK o, but if for one month he doesn't request sex from you, won't you be worried that he might be having an affair?

Another thing is that beauty is no longer there. Your husband did not see you before you hurried to work, and you returned home before him you have already slipped into your three yards Ankara wrapper or nightgown, you've already removed your beautiful and expensive bone straight hair, and no make-up on your face because you already took your bath, probably you are even maintaining your facial beauty, so you decided to rub some treatment cream on your face. No, for real, if you do this, just take a look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself "if I was my husband would I admire me this way?" Chai, you don't even turn your husband on anymore, you can't even seduce him, something that you were winning trophies for before you got married. Check it again ok.

In conclusion and in an advisory way, stop gossiping, and keep your home neat, tidy, and squeaky clean always.
Do you know you can take your husband out on a date and all expenses on you? If your children are making you forget the good old times, send them on one week's vacation to either of their grandparents. Have you forgotten when you use to wear only bum shorts and crop tops around the house? Your husband would always love that.

Remember that God is very important in your home, prayers supersede everything. If he met you as the fire type, do not stop the fire, you ought to pray more than anyone in your family. Marriage is not only physical, there's more spirituality in it than we can imagine.
God bless our homes in Jesus' name, Amen.

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