Tuesday, July 19, 2022

How To Ask For Sex From Your Lover Whenever You Want To Make Love to Him Or Her.

Women may expect their men to know when they are not in the mood for sex and not ask or when they are in the mood and ask. I got so frustrated countless nights, I almost hit hubby! He didn't get it when I was caressing his body. He ought to know that means, I want sex.

"You should have plainly told me" He protested when I accused him of negligence.
"You should have got the signal." I retorted.
"Why can't you just ask?"
"Why can't you just get it?'

"There were times I responded and you went to sleep"
"Well, your hands made me feel sleepy."
"So my hands are sleeping tablets abi?" I smiled.
"When they made me sleep nko?"
"It's not my fault I don't respond to your signal then. Learn to ask. I ask when I want sex."
'You are a man, women don't ask for sex, they show it by giving signals" I reiterated shyly. Who in the world asks a man for sex?

Is this man from the stone age?
Okay, Case settled. He showed some understanding and I was so happy! A few days later, no show! I tried again! No show! I was angry!
"You don't respond!" I almost screamed!
"Why can't you ask?"

Oh my God! I realized this case will keep repeating itself unless someone stops it. My phlegmatic husband won't stop it, so I broke the cycle. I learned to ask, point blank; and God is making a way where there seems to be no way!
Your spouse is not a mind reader. Don't expect them to read your mind when you have deep needs. Tell them in a nice way and they will respond.

Culled from my book: The 10 Common Enemies Of Marriage.
©Seun Oladele, 2022.

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