Monday, July 25, 2022

Dear Ladies Here's The Kind Of Man To Marry If You Desired Happy Successful Marriage.

As a lady, if you have once desired happy, successful marriage, kindly forget about handsomeness, gap teeth, or six-pack because they don't contribute to 60 percent of happy marriages based on recent records on divorce and relationship breakups. 
However, if you want a happy, joyous, peaceful, violent-free, God-fearing, infidelity-free, successful marriage, think about these things listed here;

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1) Marry a man who loves God over you: The best man to get married to, is a man who loves God over you and religion. Such a man will be peaceful, understanding, humble, self-control, helps you to grow (in every deficiency) and in general, possesses kingdom-liked characters suitable for marriage. 

2) Marry a man who seeks your opinion: A man who seeks a woman's opinion is not dullard nor weak. Such a man tables his opinion side by side with yours to get a positive outcome. Such a man embraces your good opinion to make him a better man and fastened his journey in that marriage. A saying states that 'Behind every successful man, there is a good woman.'

3) Marry a man who respects and loves your family: A man who loves your family will take you as his blood sister. He will no longer see you as another entity but as part of his blood by playing the roles of a father and a brother: to care, provide, pet & protect. He'll always avoid disagreements that will tarnish his dignity before your family and see more reasons to be committed to their daughter.

4) Marry a man who is not self-centered and strategic financially: Watch out for a man who understands how to put the financial equations into place. A man who dreams big and is ever-ready to achieve them. Make sure that he's not self-centered with his financial ideology to help him build your future and your children alongside his own ideas.

5) Marry a man who possesses self-control over his emotional and psychological state: Some men couldn't handle little disputes or emotional affairs. Such are chicken-hearted men, they can only offer you tears and uncertainty in marriage. Nevertheless, you can only build such a person outside marriage. 

A self-controlled man can stand for you wherever and whenever you're depressed, weak, and devastated, to cheer you up and even find ways to help you grow confidence around him as a weaker vessel.

Go for this kind of man given here because you will enjoy your marriage with him.

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