Friday, July 1, 2022

Accountability and sinful conduct Among Christians

Romans 6:23
Sinful conduct and sin have nothing to offer us but death but the gift of God is eternal life. 
James 1:13-16
I have said that sinful conduct are as a result of our desires or our lust. And if we don't stop the process it will develop into death. Accountability is in two ways:
1) To the brethren 
2) To the leaders in the local church.

Accountability means that you have a sense of responsibility. And you believe that your behavior and character have an impact on other people. It matters to other people how you live your life. It is basically a sense of responsibility so the gathering of the Saints. There are characters that God has planned or predestinated for us to walk in. We have to know that God has expectations of us. And our leaders also have expectations of us. 
Hebrews 13:17 

Many members don't know that the pastor reports to God about their lives. They don't know that the pastor will give account of souls under his care. When you read the Old Testament you will discover that God often rebuked the pastors and leaders of his people. A person can lose his labour if he doesn't do what God wants him to do. 
One of the ways the pastor is able to watch over your soul is by watching your conducts. This is one of the ways he is able to know your spiritual state. 
God is also watching for your souls but he has put people to watch over your soul. 
2 John 1:4, 3 John 1:3

He was joyful that they were working in the truth. He is able to know this based upon their conduct and good works. One of the greatest joy of a pastor over your life is that you walk in the truth. A pastor that will not correct you is a terrible pastor. The joy is not just that you will give money but you are abound in charity in obedience to God's word. Collecting your money and not correct you is actually blood Money. 

This is collecting money at the expense of your soul. No good pastor will do that. The first joy is to see members obey the truth of God's word. 
One of the easiest way to break a sinful conduct is by accountability. Many believers live like they are not accountable to other believers. They don't think that their character counts. So some dress anyhow, they throw caution to the wind. 

What are the advantages of Accountability:
The 5 main advantages of accountability
1) It corrects you.
2) It disciplines you
The people you are accountable to and the awareness of accountability disciplines you. You will exercise self-restraint because of accountability. It helps you recognize that  people are looking up to you. 

3) It encourages you to do better.
One of the most dangerous people in life are people who don't have anything to lose. As believers we have a family in Christ. And we are accountable to that family. Leadership helps you to exercise self-restraint. Accountability is a holistic mindset. It helps keep in mind that you belong to a family the things you do impact on the family. 

4) It restores you.
There has to be a destruction of the flesh but there has to be the love and restoration too. We have to speak against sinful conduct but we have to show the fellow love. Love corrects. The way you know if you are loved is when you are corrected. 

5) It involves confession and transparency.* You have to be truthful. Accountability involves confession.
James 5:16. 
This is transparency - being truthful. Accountability involves humility. A proud person will not be accountable. There is emotional or soulish healing that comes with confession. Accountability brakes sin off of us. Be humble enough to accept that you are wrong 
Galatians 6:1

The best of us will still do badly without accountability. confession will not just heal the person you are confessing to, it will also heal you. 
What confession does to your spirit and soul:
It has a way of helping you let it out. When you shine light on sinful conduct they lose their power. 

Confession makes you let go pride. It gives you a release. Those spiritual here mean those who can discipline you. Those who can control you and correct you. Be sincere when you are overtaken in a fault. Believers are going to be in your business because we are our brother's keeper. It is not gossip if it is the true. When you are overtaken in a fault be accountable.

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