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What To Do And What Not To Do House Chores During Pregnancy

Household Work During Pregnancy – What to Do and What to Avoid?
Pregnancy is not only a period when you gain a considerable amount of weight, but also one in which your body readjusts its balance as the weight piles on primarily in one place. This would make it difficult for you to maneuver. Add to this the feeling of exhaustion, and you may find yourself wondering if you should be doing all the housework you are accustomed to. 

While it is perfectly safe to attend to most household activities during pregnancy, some tasks are best avoided or delegated to others, read on to understand what activities should be attended to and what should be avoided to escape both; the risk a sedentary lifestyle poses to pregnancy and also the risk posed by strenuous household work.

Is it Safe to Do Household Work during Pregnancy?
The answer is rather simple, one has to balance work and rest in order for a successful pregnancy. It is commonly understood that while it is risky to do strenuous work the contrary is equally unhealthy. A sedentary lifestyle too can have adverse effects on pregnancy. By and large, therefore, it can be concluded that it is safe to attend to most of the household activities.
Some basic household chores and tasks can be attended to with relative ease, while some tasks may involve the inclusion of new ways of doing them.

Things You Can Do During Pregnancy
1)  Cutting & cleaning vegetable is one of the things that can be done effortlessly. Most women are used to cutting vegetables while standing, for pregnant women it is recommended that they pull up a chair for the same.

2)   Sweeping and mopping, can also be done with a bit of innovation. It is advised that you pick brooms and mops which have long handles attached to them so you do not have to bend too much. 
Pregnancy puts additional stress on account of weight gain and a marginal shift in the body’s center of gravity and tasks that require bending often, or standing for prolonged periods of time should be avoided, if you feel tired immediately stop this activity and take rest. If you do not have proper long-handled brooms and mops then it is best that someone else do the cleaning.

3)  Cleaning of bathrooms and toilets should only be attempted by expecting moms that have access to green/eco-friendly cleaners, using harsh chemical-based products are a strict no. 
White vinegar, lemon juice, and baking soda are some effective yet inexpensive cleaning products that can be used safely during pregnancy if you do not have access to these products then have the duty done by someone else.

4)  Light washing of utensils and dishes can be done, but again avoid stress and refrain from standing for more than 15 – 20 minutes.

Household Chores to Avoid during Pregnancy
Almost all household activities can be done during the first few months of pregnancy. While it is safe to do household chores during early pregnancy some household chores are best avoided at this time because they may put undue stress on the body and could potentially put the baby at risk, research has indicated that boring, repetitive, and monotonous tasks increase stress hormones and are not good for pregnant women.

1)  Any task which involves lifting heavy loads or shifting furniture should be avoided; activities like carrying laundry should be avoided as they may involve some heavy lifting.

2)  Any task which requires you to climb should not be attempted. The weight gain during pregnancy alters the body’s center of gravity and women are more prone to losing their balance. Tasks, like cleaning the ceiling fans or changing the curtains, are best delegated to someone else.

3) Pregnant moms with pets, particularly those with cats should completely avoid cleaning the litter tray. Cat litter may contain a parasite called Toxoplasma Gondi which may pose a serious threat to the mother and child.

 Although you are more likely to contract this by eating undercooked meat or from the garden, cat litter poses a threat. If there is no one else available to do the same then proceed with extreme caution. Use gloves and after you are done with the cleaning, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and rinse well.

4) Hate the sight of cockroaches, ants, and other pests and would like to eliminate them at sight? For your own sake don’t do it. 
Going after roaches and other household pests almost always involves the use of toxic chemical sprays, the poisonous fumes which are meant to kill these pests also pose a threat to you and your baby.

5) If you feel the urge to repaint a room in your house then it's best you wait till the baby is born. Paints emit fumes while they are applied, and for several hours up until they dry, these fumes can have adverse effects on a to-be mom and her child.

Household chores during pregnancy are a great way to remain active and stay fit during pregnancy,
While it is safe to do household work during pregnancy, it is important to remember that certain household tasks pose a hazard to pregnant women and their babies. 

Always keep in mind tasks that have to be avoided. Listening to your body is also important. Refrain from any work that makes you tired or sick and work out a schedule that includes a good amount of rest along with work.

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