Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Things That Can keep a Woman in a Relationship With You For A Long Time

 A lot of men think taking their partner out on an expensive date and gifting them expensive clothes, shoes, toiletries, cosmetics and the rest is all they can offer apart from lovemaking. 

They feel like they can keep a woman with everything money can buy, which is incorrect because some women already have this money so your money will mean almost nothing to them and they won't stay long in that relationship if you have nothing else to offer.

Women love attention, when you pay attention to every one of their needs especially the emotional part of it, they will have a good reason to stay with you, because you are always there for them and they feel you will always be there.

Display of affection is also important, most women love romance, it makes them feel loved in a way they can't even explain. They will seek every chance to be with you if you are an affectionate lover.

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