The Major Principles Of Marriage Often Misunderstood By Many People..

Marriage is governed by principles. And one principle often misunderstood by many singles wanting to marry is COMPATIBILITY. A marriage where the two spouses are not compatible will suffer so much.
Now, what's compatibility?

The Major Principles Of Marriage Often Misunderstood By Many People  
Simply put, compatibility means ACCEPTANCE and AGREEMENT.
Let's see what acceptance means:
1) Accepting their tribe
2) Accepting their age
3) Accepting their size
4) Accepting their shape
5) Accepting their height
6) Accepting their skin complexion
7) Accepting their financial status
8) Accepting their educational qualifications
9) Accepting their appearance
10) Accepting their family background
11) Accepting their lifestyle.

Let's see what agreement in marriage means:
1) Agreeing with their marital ideologies
2) Agreeing with their philosophy of life
3) Agreeing with their religious beliefs
4) Agreeing with their understanding of career
5) Agreeing with their career pursuit.

Marital bliss starts with compatibility. Marrying right is not marrying a perfect partner, but marrying a spouse with whom you share the same sentiments and personal core values.
One thing that makes my marriage work is compatibility. My wife and I are on the same page on everything. We have accepted each other for who and what we are. We also agree on all the salient issues. That's the power of compatibility.

For instance, a core Scripture Union brother marrying a non-Scripture Union sister is an example of incompatibility. That union will be marred with arguments on dressing and outlook. The non-Scripture Union sister may want to wear trousers, earrings, make-up, fix nails, wear eyelashes, and the brother may not like it or agree with it. Whether or not the lady is doing what is right is irrelevant here because the main issue is incompatibility.

Many of us turned blind eyes to salient issues during courtship. Some of us married with the intention or mindset of changing our spouses in marriage. Change is good, but it's always not easily achieved. Most people don't change in marriage. Please you must understand that.
Some time ago I encountered a young man who married a lady with whom he isn't compatible on all fronts. A very pretty lady, he loved her physical features so much. Who wouldn't love a pretty lady? But this young man turned a blind eye to the most important issues to them. 
Just a month into their marriage, they came face to face with the reality of their incompatibility. It became very disastrous. Their marriage has ended.

Compatibility in Marriage is a component of God's will. God won't give us a life partner with whom we won't be compatible. If you are married and you don't agree on most or all things, it could be a sign that you married wrong. If you are presently in a love relationship with someone you disagree on almost everything, pick up a fight on almost everything, just know that you are not compatible with them. 
Please end the relationship very fast. Now some people would like to ask if married people don't argue. They do. But their arguments are not the ones that depict a union that wasn't supposed to be in the first place. Their arguments are not on the core values of their marriage. There is a difference between a troubled marriage and a wrong marriage. 

Too many marriages, including Christian marriages, are also suffering not because of Satan somewhere who is attacking them, but because of incompatibility caused by ignorance or sheer disobedience. Marriages suffer primarily because of sheer ignorance or disobedience of marital rules.
In conclusion, I would like to advise everyone to go for their type. That will save you a lot of stress.

Please don't marry a man or woman thinking that you will ask them to change or force them to change. Every marriage should exhibit its core religious and moral values. My wife is exactly who and what I am or represent. I am also who and what she is and represents. That's why we are compatible and happily married.

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