Wednesday, June 1, 2022


1) SMALL BREASTS. Yes, some guys even tongue-speaking ones actually overlook Virtuous Sisters with enough wife material yards, because of the size of their chests, I kid you not. Dear Brother in Christ Jesus,
Marry her if God is bringing her to you, Sir. If she starts eating and sleeping well, growth can/will happen.

They say "Don't judge a book by its cover" I say "Don't judge a woman by her chest"
The same goes for the Backside, she may be flat, my brother, Marry her, if the size is bothering you, Kuku put it in Prayer, Luke 1:37 

2) SHAPE. She's not well-shaped. Some men would say it's Figure 8 or nothing.
Bros, May you not marry a Woman with figure that will now later disfigure the figure of your destiny. I say Amen on your behalf.
Now I'm not saying don't seek a woman with shape, I'm saying don't reject God's will if she doesn't have the shape you want.
Because God has given her to you to SHAPE your life, SHAPE generations with you, SHAPE kingdoms, and you are saying she doesn't have SHAPE. Shape fall on you there Sir.
3) COMPLEXION. This one is Self-explanatory already.
Initially, I used to dream of a fair Jane, but now ehn, as I am, if her colour is even the one they cannot see in the night, straight to the altar. I'll buy torchlight. Tanku
As long as it's God's will. 

4) COLORED DENTITION. Many Men and Women do not want to stand by anybody and work on them to become the kind of person that they like.
We just want already made food
Dentition can be fixed.
Teeth color can be easily fixed, but try fixing a bad Marriage.

5) DRESS SENSE. You love Her, She loves you, God says yes, but your own is that she/he doesn't know how to dress, how to mix colours, it's that Brother, that sister that always wins best dressed in the fellowship that you want. God forgive you.
Dress sense can be learnt. 
You can package or even rebrand him or her since you have the dress sense, try packaging bad character. 

6) NO BEARDS OR BALD HEADS. Dear Aunty beard gang lover, I'm not condemning you oh, but don't because of no BEARDS or bald hair miss God's will for your life, it will be a costly mistake that you will BEAR. 

7) HE/SHE'S BROKE. Pastor Adeboye was once broke.
Mark Zuckerberg was once broke.
2 Face idibia was once broke,
Every young man/woman out there has a future,
Don't reject God's will for you because he's not very rich now,
That young Man drinking garri and jumping taxis today can so be promoted by God tomorrow that he'll be buying estates.

Some of the Married Women/Men you admire today were not half as beautiful when they got Married as they are now.
Their Partners worked on them, with love, money, and patience. Etc.

Dearly Beloved,
I'm not saying Marry someone that you do not fancy, I'm simply saying relax, find out God's will, and go for it..
You'd be amazed how you'd soon be enjoying the friendship with that person you wrote off on the very first day you met them or discovered they were God's will for you. 

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