Thursday, June 23, 2022

How To Attract The Kind Of Person That Will Make You Happy In Marriage.

If you are a single sister and you are tired of being single, this post is for you. If you are asking "What am I not doing; why am I still single?"

Let's check a few things...
If you are "too spiritual" you may have to stop reading this post at this point because you will be disappointed with my REALNESS on the subject.
We all believe in God for divine healing but we are still careful with what we eat. You cannot eat poison and tell me it is because you believe in healing. We take time to cook our food to make it edible otherwise it will harm the body.

We all believe in divine wisdom but we still pay school fees to acquire an education. We didn't rely only on the fact that God is the Giver of wisdom and expect to wake up one day with all the wisdom and knowledge in the world.
We all believe that Holy Spirit is the greatest teacher but we still attend bible study to learn from fellow human beings. We don't sit at home waiting for the Holy Spirit to come and teach us everything.
What am I saying? No matter our spirituality, we always have a part to play. The same with marriage, we also have a part to play too. It doesn't end in prayers and fasting. You need to "come out" and attract your own husband.

Stop looking at those who live in the village and still got married to someone in America. Destinies are not the same. Even the bible says "work out your own salvation..." My sister, get ready, you will work well.
One factor that hinders/delays sisters from getting married is "OVER SPIRITUALITY" another one is IGNORANCE and that's what I want to talk about.

1) You're believing God for husband but your Facebook profile picture has been there for 3 years without changing. The worst is that it looks very much older than your real age.
Sister change it! You're not a statue. Go to a good photo studio, smile very well and take a captivating shot. Let people view your DP and smile. Yes, smile is contagious. Stop frowning your face always like a retired mortuary attendant. Your life is not the worst, smile!

2) You never write any meaningful post that can inspire or motivate someone to show that your skull has anything reasonable in it. All you do is posting pictures. My sister, you're not the only one with mass body assets. Guys are looking for ladies with something upstairs - something more than body components. They know those things shall finally fall if they haven't even fallen already. Prove that your head is not filled with popcorn. Choose a topic and write excellently on it.

My sister, stop commenting just "more grace" and "it's well" on every post. Say something worth reading further. Contribute to the topic. I attended a wedding last year, do you know how they met? He read her comment on my post, others are history. Stop doing hit and run. Men are reading.
When someone sends you an inbox message, use kind words to reply, and stop acting like Queen Elizabeth and a busy bee. Find time to go through your inbox and reply to all texts. I understand that we have inbox pests but don't throw away the whole plate of food because of sand.
Make posts always. How can you be coming online every day yet you can't make a comment, you can't make a post, you can't even like a post, you will just quietly read posts and quietly leave? In your mind, you are serious with life. Others are jobless and childish, right?

Can I be very honest with you? From what I have seen, I can speculate that about 85% of marriages you see these days are connected to social media. Just that everyone won't be bold to tell you due to our societal low mentality.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with meeting someone on social media. Even the ones you meet in church or school, do you know who they are behind the curtains? Social media is just a meeting point. Other things follow in real life.

Stop being hypnotized by the aged people in their 70s who see social media as another name for 'Mami water. It's not their fault. It wasn't happening in their time. Your social media will be for you what you make it. Redefine your own for yourself. Better be active and inspirational.
My sister, stop going dumb and running away anytime SEX is mentioned. Join the discussion and contribute your opinion in a very godly way. Sex is holy and beautiful and it is given by God. Stop making your face like someone who is licking chloroquine anytime sex is mentioned. You are sending the wrong message to the single brothers unknowing to you. There is nowhere in the bible that I know where it is written that sex is a sin.

The only thing sinful about sex is doing it with the wrong partner at the wrong time. It's like saying that tramadol is evil. No sir! It is not evil. It is the ABUSE of tramadol that is evil, not the drug itself. Doctors use it legally.
Just like people say "money is the root of all evil" Such a lie! It's not in the bible. As a matter of fact, the bible says "money answereth all things"
Let's stop teaching people wrong pieces of stuff and thereby putting them into mental slavery.
If you are patient enough to wait for the right time and the right person, sex isn't a sin. So can you loosen up and stop shying away from godly sex topics and creating a very wrong impression of yourself.

Imagine a sister accusing the new husband of immorality because he tried touching her on their wedding night. How about the sister who doesn't want to have sex except when she needs a baby. She believes it is a sin if you just do it for pleasure even if you are married.
This is what we see when we make sex sound like a sin in the church and we end up breeding ignorant adults.

Can you imagine a brother who dumps the girl he wants to marry after the day he discovers her belief about sex? Brother says he can't cope and runs away. Sister was wrongly taught.
I shudder at people's reactions anytime sex is mentioned. People think you're being carnal, others think you just mentioned immorality which is a senior brother to the devil. As a matter of fact, sex even helps your! You can be spiritual all you like, I've said my own.
Sister, if you have a good voice, you may have to join the choir in church. Let the camera pick you once in a while. If you can't join the choir, check ushering department or check for the band group - instrumentalists or any other department.

When the pastor mentioned were to read in church allowing anyone to stand and read it, stand up and read it with a loud voice. After service, stay back and greet people, especially brothers. If you like, run home like a jet immediately you hear the last "amen", you're doing yourself
When someone is doing special Thanksgiving, whether he invited you or not, join them at the altar. After all, we are all brethren. You don't need a special invitation to join. Dance to the glory of God as you walk to the altar. Stop marching like an old soldier.
After service, if you don't have a car, don't just trek home in a haste, look for a brother going your direction and ask him for a lift. Don't go dumb in the car, discuss. Sister, say something and be smiling... after all, I met my wife in Winners Chapel car park when I said hi, her smile hit my manhood like a stone.

I don't care how you interpret what I am saying but I know I am telling the simple truth that many of us don't want to say. God gave you the sense to make use of it. God shouldn't do everything for you. I know you have faith but do your part too.
Before you call it desperation, I want to remind you that someone can avoid all these things and still be desperate inside her room, so it is not desperation. 

It is called ADVANCED SOCIO-MARITAL MARKETING. Do it with maturity, skill, and caution. It's not desperation at all.
Just be FRIENDLY, APPROACHABLE, ACCESSIBLE, AND AVAILABLE. That is just the summary of everything I'm saying.
Learn how to dress. Holiness is more than wearing an oversize gown without pressing it. There is a way you will dress, even Jesus will be "ashamed" to call you His daughter in public.
Sister, in a bible study class, make sure you contribute before the class ends. Stop acting deaf and dumb.

Prayer doesn't take the place of common sense in these things.
Even Esther had to prepare well with other ladies; they had to be cultured and treated before appearing before the king.
Watch this: "Hegai liked Esther, and she won his favor. He lost no time in beginning her beauty treatment of massage and special diet."
Esther 2:9 GNT.
So even Esther had to go for beauty treatment and you are scattering your hair like a sambisa forest?
"The regular beauty treatment for the women lasted a year"
Esther 2:12 GNT.

One year treatment to get a king as husband and we are even reading it from the bible, not from a fashion magazine. This is not Genevieve or Mercy Johnson, this is Esther of the Bible we are talking about and you think you don't need to do something simply because you have prayed for your husband?
Esther spent one year on the beauty treatment. My sister, don't let anyone deceive you. You have a lot of work to do to attract your king. It doesn't end on prayers alone.
Can you imagine Esther appearing before the king uncultured and untreated just because she prayed or she didn't even appear at all? She sits inside the room and refuses to appear before the king with the excuse that she has prayed and that the king will locate her like a destiny helper.
Just imagine that!

Unfortunately, that's what many of our ladies are doing. They refuse to "appear before the king" because they don't want to be termed desperate. They are too proud and too full of themselves to "appear". One pastor somewhere told her that it doesn't matter, whether you appear or not, just fast and pray, angels will go and arrest the king and bring him to her room and this is how they have been unmarried for years because no one told them the raw truth.

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