Wednesday, June 29, 2022


Marriage is a journey, and every type of marriage has its own way of enjoying it or its challenges.
Below are the 10 types of marriages many people are already experiencing in their lives.

1) SPORTS CAR MARRIAGE - They seem to move faster in their marriage but have no time for adventure or to enjoy the beauty of marriage and life. They have the resources but are too busy to enjoy themselves. They fail to notice people or things that can positively affect their marriages.

2) FOOT-WAGEN MARRIAGE - They labor so hard with their limited strength but nothing seems to work. They use worldly methods and swallow every article on marriage without restraints. Their systems can't digest the junks in them thus, having constipation of high expectations and suspicions in their marriages.

3) LORRY MARRIAGE - They seem to be accommodating and sometimes, carry excess luggage of Intruders into their marriages. They must share their challenges and secrets with everybody. Thus, causing slow motion and retrogression.

4) BICYCLE MARRIAGE - They seem to achieve victory through shortcuts but it doesn't last. They break every law with pedals of deceit to achieve their goals. They don't mind compromising or selling their bodies to make ends meet. 

5) OIL TANKER MARRIAGE - They carry oil of grace and are so spiritual to enjoy their marriage. Ancient landmark of holiness gap still exists without any attempt to explore each other and fully enjoy their marriage. They hardly play together. Kiss or too much intimacy may drive away from the presence of God. Everything is a sin to them.

6) MOTORBIKE MARRIAGE  - Their helmets of protection have been taken off by the enemies, exposing them to problems and shame. Their fuel tank of love and ability is limited because of their limited mindsets. They depend on others to pray for them always but can't pray and take authority themselves.

7) BUS MARRIAGE - They are friendly, mingle with and care for others while neglecting their own needs. Marriage is a bus stop for all gossip and all kinds of news. Nothing about their marriage is hidden.

8) TAXI MARRIAGE - They teach others about marriage and go the extra mile to show how marriage works but they are suffering and living in deceit. They keep their problems secret while the fire is burning them. They are too big to share their challenges with those who could help them.

9) TRAIN MARRIAGE - They bask in the number of years they have been married but have lost the savior of marriage. Some might have already derailed with casualties. No more youthful love among them again. They have grown with no feelings or desire to try new methods to enhance their marriages.

10) AIRPLANE MARRIAGE - They know there is the probability of crashing at any time because of the devil and carelessness but put their trust in God the owner of the airspace of their marriage. Forge ahead with the wind of the Holy Spirit, powered by the fuel of love, soaring high above powers and principalities by the power in the name of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is their pilot who directs and keeps them safe. He provides Air-hostesses with peace, joy, blessings, health, understanding, progress, love, tolerance, etc.

Your marriage can be like the AIRPLANE if you surrender your life and marriage to Jesus Christ. Repent of your sins and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. He will make all things new and put testimonies in your mouth in Jesus name.

May God bless and keep our marriages in Jesus name.

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