18 Tips For Building The Successful Marriage Of Your Dream.

To achieve the successful marriage of your dream you need guidance and is going to be something you have not done before or you did but didn't do it well or at the right time.
A successful marriage doesn't happen overnight or in a month, not even in one year of marriage but with these guidelines you can easily make it happen.

1) When you are taken you will be very attractive to others. Learn to keep boundaries.

2) Every marriage has its challenges, the secret is to use those challenges to grow together.

3) You may be ready for marriage but if you marry someone who is not, you will be greatly frustrated. Don't love the wrong person the right way.

4) There is more to life than being in marriage with someone you love, pursue your individual objective and careers even as you do things in marriage as a team.

5) When you see that the both of you are one insaparable body, you will not see each other as competition against one another.

6) Find activities and do together to have fun as a couple. Love can be built on activity enjoyed by both of you.

7) Be careful who you listen to. Some people are not happy to be in their marriage or in their singleness and don't want you to be happy in your marriage.

8) Marriage has different seasons. The together season, the conflict season where you both try to find your space in it and conflicts often arise, the trial season where you two will face reasons to quit, and the stronger together season where you two emerge closer than ever before through joint victory. Know which season you are in.

9) If you don't prepare for childbearing before giving birth, children will come and reduce the love and focus you guys have for each other. Many marriages suffer when parenting begins not that is bad to give birth but because of attention that's required from the parents from their children. During this time, intimacy and lovemaking will drastically reduce so in order for you not to experience this, keep it at the back of your mind that childbearing should not reduce the quality and level of intimacy you have for your partner.

10) Someone around you and could be a relative or a friend is watching your marriage and learning from you. What are you teaching them to learn from you?

11) All the issues in your life that you did not deal with when you were single will could cause problems in your marriage when you get married. Deal with that issue now before it will affect your marriage in the future, it could be anger issues, keeping secrets, and not being trustworthy. Resolve it now that you can before it destroy or jeopardize your lifetime happiness.

12) Just because your parent's marriage wasn't successful, doesn't mean yours will not be joyous and successful. Just because your parent's marriage flourished and was admired by many people in extended family, doesn't mean yours will end up the same. Take personal responsibility of your marriage because nobody will do it better than you.

13) Do not give your spouse so much power that he or she makes you lose your values, lose your sleep, live a miserable life, and kill your dreams. Detach yourself from anyone that has negative thoughts and motives against your marriage.

14) Any marriage can survive any challenges that confront them as long as the two lovers  are willing to forgive themselves offenses committed against each other because none of them is perfect, to change from being negative towards each other to being positive towards each other, and ready to work on themselves to make sure that true love is perceived every day. With this they rise, move and overtake their challenges.

15) When you start to focus on the weak points, emotional instability and deficiency of your partner, you will be swept by temporary distractions against your marriage. No human is perfect so concentrating on the weakness of your spouse instead of his or her ability will hurt you deeper than you expected, the best way is to love and make yourself available to be loved.

16) Financials budget, argument, and making decisions for the good of the family are easy to achieved when you and your spouse sees friendship and teamwork as a core part of your marriage.

17) Intimacy is more than having lovemaking. Be connected deeper beyond physical pleasure through touch, hugs, cuddling your lover, kissing as if it's no man's business, and creating great time to have heart to heart conversations as it matters to the Marriage.

18) Your parents might mean well but they might ruin your marriage when they act or say based on their bias, prejudice, favoritism, tribalism, backwardness, bitterness, chauvinism, past hurt, or misinformation. 

They had their life, you build yours. Discern what advice to take or not for the success of your marriage and the happy marriage you had always wished yourself.

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