Tuesday, May 10, 2022

15 Ways Your Mental Health Is Affecting Your Marriage

One of the things so many people don't know that helps to have a successful marriage is good mental health. Your mental health contributes to the success of your marriage.
If your mental health is affected by any of these things listed here, definitely your marriage will be affected.

1) When you have a spouse who forces you to make love to him or her yet they hurt you emotionally, it will make you traumatized especially whenever the person is around you.
2) When you are stressed at work and also stressed at home because you are the only that handles home chores, you will feel lost in this world with nowhere to run simply because the person that would have stood with you emotionally is the one draining emotionally.

3) When you have a partner who insults you and demeans you, it can make you spend so much mental energy trying to affirm yourself which can take a toll on you beyond your imagination.
4) When you are married to someone who demands a life you cannot financially afford just because of your current business or job, it can lead to a mental health challenges
5) When you have a partner who threatens your life or is physically abusive at any point in time, it can make you extremely anxious.

6) Married to a partner who doesn't admit they are wrong and makes you feel you are the problem for wanting them to be better in life or in the marriage, can lead to mental strain.
7) Living with a spouse who fights your dreams and visions in life and doesn't want you to progress or pursue your personal development, can lead to mental decay

8) When you have a spouse who repeatedly cheats on you and shows fake or no remorse for being unfaithful, it can lead to thoughts of inadequacy.
9) When you have a lover who always tries to poison your children to get them to see you negatively in all you do for them or to make you abandon them for no just reason and love her alone, it can make you mentally disturbed or destroy you emotionally.

10) When you are in a marriage with someone you can't open up your personal challenges to but still you are struggling inside, it can lead to depression and this is a serious mental issue. 
11) In marriage with someone that always finds it easy to isolate you and cut you off from family and friends in the name of trying to protect you from being harmed by them, can lead to thoughts of imprisonment.

12) Someone who makes fun of your body and your performance in bed, comparing you to his or her ex-lover, can lead to low self-esteem 
13) In love with someone who loves fighting you more than making peace with you, can drain your mind and make you emotionless in life.

14) Staying with who doesn't like resolving issues as quickly as possible, always nagging and complaining against you, can lead to a lack of sleep which leads to mental damage
15) When you have a partner who brings nothing but drama, disappointment, and different types of trouble into your life, it can lead to suicidal thoughts especially when the person doesn't care about your mental health and the happiness of the marriage both of you have.

But when you have a spouse who loves you right, cares for all of your feelings, listens to you, allows you to shine, talks to you with respect, accepts correction, doesn’t abuse you, and cheers you on; you sleep better and have a healthy mental state.

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