Someone showed us the video of a man dragging his wife on the ground by her hair and beating her mercilessly while neighbors watched! Another man in another video was whipping his wife the way you beat a stubborn cow!
I got tired!

Apart from genotype test, HIV test, and blood group test among others you do before getting married, test his mental health too! I don't know where they do that, in a general hospital or psychiatric hospital!
Some men are not normal. Perhaps the frustrating Nigerian economy is compounding their problem!
Ensure that man doesn't have some serious emotional, psychological, and mental issues before agreeing to marry him.

If he is on substance abuse or addicted to alcohol, you already have a danger signal standing right in front of you. If he is a cigarette or marijuana addict, he has serious problems!
Most men turn to that stuff to escape from the reality of their complex problems! He is an addict! Addicts experience withdrawal symptoms when they are starved. Anything can happen during that withdrawal if you dare step on his toes!

Some men are not addicted to any substance! They are addicted to power, control, and abuse!
Some are addicted to feeding off others' money! He takes your money, leaves you penniless, and beats you blue-black if you dare raise an eyebrow! Some women are already dead for marrying these mad people!

Do yourself some favor in courtship!
Study him well and ensure he does not have serious, complex, violent, dangerous anger issues!
Ensure he has a job/business that can take care of at least 3 persons and he takes paying his bills seriously!

Ensure he is not addicted to any substance or drugs!
Ensure he is not fighting, acute, complex, incurable, super, mega, hyper low self-esteem!
Ensure he is not suffering from an authority, alpha, and omega, god of your universe complex!

Ensure he understands what matrimony is, who a woman is, and who you are to him!
Ensure he honors God, has regard for authorities, and submits to the leadership above him.
Ensure he respects your body and is not requesting sex before marriage!

Ensure he has a healthy relationship with God and has a sound, trustworthy church he is attending!
Ensure you have at least a DPO's phone number, an army barrack, and ten hefty MOPOL in case you are already wedded to a man who has all the above qualities and he keeps misbehaving!

Wisdom is profitable to direct.


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