11 Reason Why The Marriages Of Uneducated Couples May Last Longer Than That Of Educated Ones..

Too much exposure can really mess things up, especially when you allow them to control you. Marriage is a great union ordained by God for humanity, and one of his reasons for creating marriage is the procreation of lives, happiness, etc.

However, many don't still understand how to make their marriage successful, joyous, and happy thereby causing problems in their home. Other than that, many believe that some set of elites is responsible for failed marriages in our society, this brings us to the topic mentioned above. They are;

1) The uneducated couple doesn't know much and you see them live with the little they know and adapt to whatever comes their way.

2) Marriage is kept by love, respect time, honesty, and good character. Many educated couples don't have time for each other. They always focus on their businesses. Since everyone is working and thinking about making money, buying home necessities or thinking about romance and intimacy is another problem. They don't respect each other because of ego and hype about self-worth or educational background.

3) Many educated couples value certificates over the peaceful co-existence of their family which brings arrogance, lack of humility as well as a bad character, especially on the part of women. An educated man can tolerate an uneducated wife and vice-versa. Uneducated spouses emulate good things from educated ones and leave those bad ones behind them.

4) Sometimes if you bring education into your marriage it may not work. For instance, if a lawyer brings laws into their marriage, their house will turn into a Courtroom that will be full of arguments and disagreements. Sometimes the person who's supposed to be humble, loyal, and obey orders will be causing problems. Two educated people sometimes fight for superiority in marriage and this causes divorce.

5) Our forefathers had good marriages without university degrees and they lasted long, Most educated women of this century think they have equal rights with their husbands thereby making their marriages crash.

6 Educated fellow erases culture I am not a slave, we have equal rights, what a man can do woman do better, disobedience, why coming home late, don't do this, do that but illiterate embrace culture and 90 percent obey the rules of marriage.

7)  The educated ones think they know it all and no one wants to be humble for the other. They have their qualifications in mind and act disrespectfully to themselves, all in the name of being woke!
The uneducated ones on the other hand, usually go into marriage having in mind what their parents taught them; “Don’t let outsiders hear your voices, be humble, be submissive to each other, bridle your tongue” Putting all this into action their marriage must be successful.

8) Because they don't speak too much grammar, and they don't read negative meaning to everything, words, or actions of their spouse. Many of the educated ones used English grammar to scatter their marriages.

9) Education is not only the ability to read and write. It's a wholesome development in relation to human existence and the ability to live and relate to one another. Those who are able to read and write only are half-educated and such people can not cope with the other people. Thus, they can not create peace and live in peace with others.

10) The educated feel that they have learned everything about successful marriage in school but they forgot that the school of marriage is quite different in respective of their university degrees, one of the things a whole lot of people don't know about successful marriage is that marriage goes with understanding each other's feelings and actions.

11) Some educated ones talk more about things like 'I got right, I got pride, I got a job, I got money, I am a boss lady equal to a Man, also a feministic, etc. while the uneducated are humble, respectful to their men, obey what the Holy books said about marriage, etc.

Marriage was not orchestrated by education. It was founded by God with the responsibilities of the parties involved stated clearly.
Man is to love his by providing for her needs, protecting her, and defending her against all kinds of harm.

The wife is to submit. Submitting here means coming under your husband. See him as your lord and not as your equal. Respect and honor him.
This is the way our parents did it and they could celebrate the 50th marriage anniversary but things have changed. Men are no longer responsible to their wives, and women are no longer submissive to their husbands.

Most of the uneducated are dying in their marriages. The man beats his wife blue-black and she can't go anywhere simply because she is afraid of what people will say, Our mothers endured their marriages so no excuse, they can't cope without the man.
A man cheats on his wife like nonsense or is irresponsible and he expects the woman to be calm. Women are more informed of choices that can make them live and be alive and most men feel threatened by these simple ideas of a happy marriage.

Even the bible says love your wife and you see many men treat the woman as if they married her off the street. You talk to your wife like she is a slave in and outside and you want her to be submissive. A successful marriage doesn't work that way. When men start treasuring their wives like Christ loved the church (he washed the disciples' feet) then marriages will start blossoming.
Marriage is all about true love, patience, trust, faithfulness, endurance, perseverance, submissiveness, and loyalty.

Our present generation lacks some of the qualities especially 'endurance'
And some marry because of marriage's sake not because of love. They just want to have the title of Mr. and Mrs. attached to their name.

To find true love now is so much more difficult now.
Do you think education has nothing to do with the success of marriage, Do you believe the success of a marriage is based on home training which is morals, trust, tolerance, friendship, and also how to forgive one another, you see When right is right nothing like 'I can't 'their togetherness is forever and ever.

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  1. We frequently suppose all intimate relationship reliably progress from the original match-cute to giddy passion, to a series of small trials and agonies, and eventually to a joyful state of happily- ever- later. It’s a satisfying narrative we see all the time in the pictures, Television, and music. In reality, love is a trip without a final destination. We should not anticipate that at some point in our relationship, we’ll look back at the obstacles we crushed and say,”Well, that is it! We are then! We made it!”Because beyond wherever you’re now, another chain awaits.

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