Spiritual Alignment in Love: The Foundation for Lasting Relationships..

1) COMMUNICATION. You need not agree on a mode of communication and how to make most of the calls and chats with each other because communication is important to a happy marriage and relationship.

It's important that the call and chatting should be balanced. Empty pocket will not buy Airtime and subscribe data for social media chats, so as you work on your communication work smart to always be up and doing.

If you are the only one who initiates all the calls, chats, or visits, then your relationship cannot work. If you don't have money, you are not qualified to be in a relationship except your partner is ready to bear all the expenses without complaint. Don't be like a lazy man whose fiancee was sending a monthly stipend while he refused to work.

2) GENOTYPE. I have seen several people who have lost their relationships because of genotype incompatibility. For your relationship to work or to avoid heartbreak, you must know your genotype before you accept a proposal from him or before you propose to her. This is important at the relationship stage before thinking about marriage. Before your relationship can work, you must know your genotype.

3) SPIRITUAL AGREEMENT. Before your relationship can work, you must believe in the same spiritual things.
A brother who believes a lady should never wear trousers, attachments, or earrings that went into a relationship with a lady who does that, their relationship can never work.
A brother who believes in speaking in tongues and ministry of the Holy Spirit while the lady does not believe, the relationship cannot work.
I always recommend Orthodox should be in a relationship with Orthodox and Pentecostal with Pentecostal.

4) ACADEMIC OR CAREER. If you are literate and you go into a relationship with an illiterate, the relationship may not work unless you decide to make it work because of your love for each other. Mental compatibility is very important even in a relationship that's expected to lead to Marriage.

5) LOVEMAKING If you believe in sexual purity and virginity till marriage but you go into a relationship with someone who doesn't believe in such, the relationship cannot work that's the fact.
Ask before accepting to be in a relationship with him, What's your view about premarital sex or romance? Whatever he says will determine if you would go into a relationship with him. If he says he can't be in a relationship without sex or romance, then you don't need to accept the proposal.

6) TEMPERAMENT. You need to discover your temperament and that of your partner. Are you sanguine, choleric, melancholy, or phlegmatic? Knowing your combination and that of your partner will help you manage your relationship or marriage.
The book  "Why You Act the Way You Do by Tim LaHaye" will make you understand temperament.

7) If your relationship will work, you may need to have a Mentor or spiritual leader you will always be receiving advice from him or her but it's important to come from a married person because experience is very crucial here. You need to have someone you can report your partner to in case of intensive, protracted, and serious disagreement.
If your relationship will work, you must be in a relationship with someone who has someone who can call him or her to order when your partner misbehaves.

If you don't have someone you are accountable to, your partner can opt out of the relationship at any time. Good day...!

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