Beyond Romance: The Essential Roles of Communication in Successful Marriages..

It is by talking, opening your heart and soul, and being free to say what is in your mind. Many relationships/marriages fail because people are not talking.

Marriage is a place where we talk and share our feelings. Never marry a man you are afraid of, can't be free with, or tell him what goes on in your mind! That is not courtship, it is bondage!

If all you do in courtship is romance and enjoy lovemaking instead of talking, your marriage will have serious problems! There are lots of nagging issues in marriage and only talking them out will solve them. Learn to deal with issues and stop hiding behind lovemaking.

Don't carry confusion from courtship to marriage. If you are confused about anything, share your heart with your man and talk it out.

If you need help, you don't like how close he is to the opposite gender, or you are worried sick about your future, talk to him. It will help him understand you better, know how to relate with you, and erase your fears.

If there are things you don't like about him, nicely, lovingly, wisely tell him so and for the ones you love and admire? Praise him, admire him, celebrate him, and encourage him! That is a sound relationship!

Don't keep mute when your partner is doing things that are bad and wait till after the wedding to talk, by then, it is too late. Talk now!

In marriage, talk to your man as much as needed. Don't wait for issues to pile up before raising the alarm.

Share your feelings, concerns, and issues in the right atmosphere.

Men love women who will talk and open their feelings to them. It helps them understand you better and know how to show you love and meet your needs.

If you need physical support at home, you want him to be available at morning devotion, help in disciplining the kids, defend you before your in-laws when they act nasty or you want him to go 2 rounds in bed, tell him so, please! Don't be shy! Marriage is not for shy people ooo.

Be bold, open, sincere, humble, loving, and wise.

When you know how to talk to a man, your husband will always listen to you and meet your needs from the depth of his heart.

May your marriage continually experience bliss in Jesus' name.

Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

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