At some point or the other in life you may find yourself looking for job to do either to keep busy while you wait to continue your education or to raise funds to start your business or for better welfare or to advance your career, so that possibility is there for you to seek employment.

Recently, there was a story that trended about a lady that was not given employment because of the leg chain she wore and that got a lot of people talking both for and against.

Here is the thing, what many concentrated on was the leg chain which in most view there wasn't anything wrong with it, I'm also of that view too as it is her right to wear what she wants, but that right cost her the chance of getting employed.

There are things employers lookout for before employing someone and if the candidate don't meet those requirements, they may not get hired.

Some reasons you may not get hired include:

Looks: The leg chain in the earlier story isn't the issue, the issue is that it went against the corporate culture or appearance of that organization as you are expected to look the path of the job you are seeking for. If such person had gone to a pub or club to look for job, the leg chain would have given her an advantage over others. If you don't look the path of the job you seek, you may not get hired by that organization.

One more thing about looks... If the corporate image will be distorted by your appearance, you may likely not be hired.

Information: How much information do you have about the organization you want to work for? The position you are seeking for, do you know what the job description is? If in the course of interviewing you, you can't tell the basic things about the organization, it may be inferred that you can't project the organization well especially if the job requires you projecting the company's image.

Entitlement mentality: Most people come with the mentality of coming to take and not what they want to bring the able for the corporate good of everyone. There are people that organizations make exceptions for just to hire them because they have things they can bring to the table (value). Before you demand for a certain pay, first figure out what you can bring to the table for the organization and propose that, I bet you that when you do so, organizations will be the one to dance to your demands. You can't come and all you are talking about is how much they should pay you and expect them to hire you.

Lack of skillset: You went to school, got your degrees and the question is, what skills do you have that will be relevant to the organization especially to the position you are seeking for? For instance, if you are seeking for the position of a marketer and you did a couple of trainings on marketing and you have some results to show for your efforts, organizations won't turn you down, but when the reverse is the case, you won't get the job.

Now that you know some of the reasons why you may not be employed, let's look reasons that may make the hired to be fired...

Going contrary to code of conduct: Another issue trended on social media about two security guards dancing while on duty and their employers fired them. On the basis of misconduct, the employers are right for firing them. Their job description was not to dance but to open and close the door and beyond that, they are to secure the place and that's why they were hired as security men. If the employers needed dancers, they would have hired them. Misconduct may cause you to lose your job.

Lack of productivity: Personally, I wonder how an employee will not bring up initiatives to move the organization forward despite the investment made in them through trainings and others. When you are not productive, you will be perceived to be a liability to the organization and if there is need to lay people off, you will be among those to be considered.

Being a threat to the organization's corporate image: Your lifestyle can either help or mar the image of the organization you work for.

This reminds me of one of Davido's record label signed artiste. He was accused of abusing his partner and when it was discovered, the record label put out a disclaimer against him and terminated his contract with them. No organization who is mindful of their corporate image would want to associate with persons with questionable character. If you have questionable character, you may likely get fired.

As you go job hunting, do your best to abide by what your employer want if it is legitimate and legal. If for any reason you can't abide by it, don't fault it, just move on.

Every industry or organization has it's corporate culture, find out what those are and abide it.

I wish you All the best.

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