1) Are they present in a Relationship and still want to hook up with you?

Find out.

Ask direct or indirect questions, and ask them Or a friend of theirs to get this information done. Save yourself the embarrassment of finding out in a very not-so-cool way that he or she is already taken but still wants you as an option or side chick.

2) Are they really interested In You? So they are Single, that's good, but don't forget, It takes two to tangle, personally, I don't encourage you to even seek or try to woo a Person who doesn't have any iota of love for you at all, although some persons don't seem to mind. As the electricity is shocking you, please try and find out if it is shocking them too, no matter how low the current is.

3) Are they really meant to be with You.? There are good and responsible people in your life who are only meant to be your office colleagues, Just Friends or neighbors, and a Relationship with them will only be a recipe for disaster. Do your life goals align with your own? Are you compatible or do you want to try your look? Vision-wise, purpose-wise? These are very important.

4) Are you for them? So they have the capacity to support your dreams, what about you? Don't go into Relationships with someone you can't or won't support their dreams and life goals that you are very well aware of.

5) Is God involved in the relationship? "Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding but on God" Proverbs 3:5.

Pray hard to have a good and strong relationship with God.

Get direction and conviction before you get yourself involved

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